The Mindful Leadership Summit is in its 4th year. Here are some of the best presentations and panels from the past three.


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Challenging the Status Quo: How Business can be Good for the Planet

Rose Marcario in conversation with Barry Boyce


Expires Wednesday, Oct. 25th

Runtime: 42 minutes


For Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, mindfulness in the workplace is an organic process that is incomplete without a value-driven company culture. She talks about how mindfulness makes us whole people and undermines unhealthy consumerism. Mindfulness blurs the line between personal and societal ethics, and provides a way forward towards conscious capitalism and conscious business.

Consumerism is about buying more than you need. Having a simpler life is not an impoverished life.

I do this very simple practice based on joy every day at work. When someone walks into my office, I want them to laugh, at least once. I want them to be happy, and smile.

Your Brain at Work: Science and Tips for Cultivating Well-Being in the Workplace

Golbie Kamarei, Richard Davidson, and David Gelles


Expires Wednesday, Oct. 25th

Runtime: 55 minutes


In this panel discussion led by David Gelles of the New York Times, Golbie and Richard survey the recent mindfulness research and the role science has in the mindfulness movement. They get beneath what initially interests a person in mindfulness to explore why they continue to practice it, and explore the short-term versus long-term effects of mindfulness practice in the workplace.

I think we need to remember that we are all larger than the roles we play in our organizations. We are all leaders. Some people may not have managerial responsibility over others, but a true leader doesn't need that to create change.

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