A Unique, Highly Engaging
Leadership Experience

Connect with other leaders and aspiring leaders who have arrived at this moment from various backgrounds, including business, non-profit, government, health & wellness, and education. Experience an environment that fosters authentic connections through organic group discussions, peer-led roundtables, partnering exercises, and social events.

Develop your leadership skills with over 20 talks and panels, as well as an optional day-long leadership intensive. Presenters include renowned thought leaders on mindful leadership, experts in cultivating  mindful and compassionate workplaces, and executives who are applying mindfulness to their daily leadership.

Experience mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices.  We've created space for you to be silent, still and connected to yourself. We have included sessions dedicated to somatic mind-body exercises. Experience first-hand some of the techniques leaders are using to tame their minds and tap into the wisdom of their bodies. 



Optional Daylong Leadership Intensives

8:30am Registration Opens

9:30am - 3:30pm Leadership Intensives


Meet & Greet and Early Check-In

5:00pm - 7:00pm Early Registration Open

  • Arriving Thursday? Join us for a Meet & Greet and Early Check-In inside the Hilton hotel. Chat with fellow attendees and beat the Friday morning registration rush! Food and beverages will be available for purchase in the bar. 



Summit Schedule to be Announced Soon



Summit Schedule to be Announced Soon



Optional Daylong Leadership Intensives

8:30am Registration Opens

9:30am - 3:30pm Leadership Intensives

Daylong Leadership Intensives

Thursday Nov 9

with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

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The Wisdom of the Body: Embodied Mindfulness at Work

This workshop offers participants a holistic paradigm for the practice of embodied mindfulness in the fast-paced and complex environment of the workplace. In this highly interactive workshop you will be introduced to Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership methodology, a unique approach combining neuroscience, action-oriented communication, holistic practice and mindfulness. You’ll learn practices that will help you to take new actions that are aligned with your values, even when under pressure.

Thursday Nov 9

with Martin Boroson, Carmel Moore and Sarah Braid

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Time Mastery for Leaders

Mastering time might be the most important skill a leader can have. Far beyond “time management,” mastering time means getting clear about values, building a flexible and nuanced relationship with time, knowing how to use time for maximum impact, and being agile and responsive in the moment.

Sunday Nov 12

with Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman


How to End Drama in Your Life and Workplace

Drama in the workplace keeps leaders, teams and organizations from being as effective as they could be. Learn how to end drama professionally and personally by applying the 15 commitments of conscious leadership.

Sunday Nov 12

with Tiphani Palmer

Leadership Embodiment.png

Leadership Embodiment Skills for Inspired Leadership:  How to Cultivate Warmth and Strength

We know a lot about the “what” that is needed for great leadership: Competence, Warmth & Authenticity. Through mindfulness and technique we are able to cultivate these qualities allowing us to gain influence and lead with inspiration rather than fear. Through interactive exercises, the Leadership Embodiment model will offer you a “How” to cultivate these qualities, building the skills that will allow you to lead with warmth, confidence and authenticity.

Sunday Nov 12

with Johann Berlin


The Breath: The Secret Enabler for Agile Leadership, Connection and Happiness

Many of us want to be more mindful leaders but how? With more than 200 organizational clients, TLEX provides a solution through the breath, one of the most overlooked enablers for mindful, connected leadership. Participants will learn and experience TLEX’s time-tested, science backed breathing based transformational leadership program, walking away with an effective home practice, and shared insights on how this approach impacts organizations.  

Sunday Nov 12

with TBA


Compassion-based Tools for Working with Unconscious Bias & Enabling Inclusion

This training teaches leaders practical, real time applications of mindfulness and compassion skills to support awareness and management of unconscious bias.  Leaders also learn to use empathy and compassion skills to create a culture of inclusiveness and psychological safety within teams and organizations.