Thank you for your interest in slides from the 2017

The slides make a wonderful companion to the 2017 Video Package. Print them, take notes, and follow along to bring the presentation to life. For more information on the Video Package, click here.


There are two options for downloading the slides: individually or as a single zipped file.

Please note that not all presentations are included. Some speakers did not use slides. Others did not give us permission to distribute. Finally, no slides from presentations in the Workshop room will be available.

All files shared through Google Drive. A Google Drive account is not necessary to download the files to your computer. 


Download Individual Presentations


Clicking the below links will direct you to a Google Drive view of a PDF version of the presentation. Simply click Download in the upper right to download directly to your computer. 

Download All Presentations


When you click this link, you will either see a folder titled 2017 Mindful Leadership Summit Slides, or (if you aren't signed into your Google Account) a box saying you cannot load the preview.

In either case, simply click Download in the upper right area of your browser window to download directly to your computer.

Download all presentations (~400mb)