JOIN US AS AN EXTRAORDINARY GROUP of presenters comes together to help us explore the growing practice of mindful leadership. You’ll be part of a unique gathering of people, all of whom are interested in exploring this emerging path of leadership excellence.

WE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT it’s going to be for you to connect with others at this event, so we're creating an environment that encourages peer-to-peer learning and community-building. In addition to keynote talks, main stage presentations, workshops, and mindfulness practice, there will be opportunities for making personal connections through small roundtables, organic group discussions and social events. We'll have time to share success stories, challenges, practical tools and best practices.


LEARN HOW MINDFULNESS MEDITATION and other contemplative disciplines are being applied by organizations like Google, Harvard Business School and the NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks. We'll look deeply at how mindfulness helps to balance ambition, achievement and a focus on getting results with the wisdom, gentleness and authenticity needed to truly lead with excellence.

YOU'LL SEE HOW mindfulness, and the simple act of sitting still, can be transformative. When you’re still and in the moment, you’re able to step out of conditioned behaviors and uncover a deep sense of connection to others. You’re able to experience things as they are. With compassion and clarity of thought, you’re more able to understand the best course of action in any situation.


EACH OF US HAS THE NATURAL ABILITY to lead with excellence by cultivating our innate qualities of awareness, focus, authenticity and compassion. Mindfulness helps us to do that. It helps us to be less reactive so we can make better decisions, to see the bigger perspective so we can create better results, and to develop environments of trust and safety, where there is respect for each individual's unique style, skills and contributions.

THIS IS THE PATH of leadership excellence. Mindful leadership offers us the opportunity to work with our natural wisdom and humanity, while inspiring the best in ourselves and others. This is the way we transform our own lives, our organizations, our communities – and the world.