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Bill George & Free ebook Lead True

Can you be a Mindful Leader and be a leader in corporate America? Bill George, considered one of the top 25 businessmen in the last 25 years by PBS, grew Medtronic from a 750 million dollar company to a 6.4 billion dollar company. In our Best of Video, he demonstrates how mindfulness in organizations creates clarity, focus, and creativity for leaders. Click on the graphic below to explore this and more.

Bill George, PhD
Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, and the former Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Medtronic


Runtime: 45 minutes
Video will be available until Monday, October 22th


You can see Bill George at this year's Mindful Leadership Summit, click here to register and learn more

Bill has also just published a new book, Lead True: Authentic Leadership Rediscovered. This book is available in ebook format for FREE using this link: www.billgeorge.org.

Bill is a frequent guest on CNBC, contributor to Wall Street Journal and a major voice in the business community. Lead True is a curated collection of the most relevant articles on important leadership topics that Bill has written in the recent years. Some articles include:  

  • CEOs Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Stand Up to Trump

  • What Mark Zuckerberg Can Learn About Crisis Leadership from Starbucks

  • The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism

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