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Our weekly Mindful Leader article roundup contains the latest news and trends that are impacting our industry. We scan through hundreds of articles weekly and share top content with our 150k+ audience across all social media channels. Below are the top ten articles our audience found most engaging in the last week. 

1. Knowing How To Mentor And Lead When Your Team Is Stressed And Strained (Forbes)
Surprise transitions are even more complicated, and everyone deals with them differently. 

2. If You're Overwhelmed and Exhausted Right Now, It Could Be Worry Burnout (Popsugar)
Worry burnout occurs when you're overwhelmed by feelings of worry and unable to turn them off. Worry burnout can lead to chronic fatigue and anxiety.

3. 3 Keys to Building Resilience as a Leader (Entrepreneur)
Those who are able to inspire and produce change need unique skills, and one of the most easily overlooked is the ability to keep their own psychological tanks full.

4. The 'E Word': Why You're Afraid of It, and Why You Should Embrace It Instead (Entrepreneur)
Leaders are scrambling to catch up on how to lead with empathy.

5. Boundaries are the key to avoiding burnout (Busselton Mail)
If you are feeling like your well has run dry, you are not alone, says Mindful Margaret River's Rebecca Hannan.

6. How mindfulness can make you a darker person (BBC Worklife)
Mindfulness is thought to have multiple benefits – but it can also make you less likely to feel guilty about wrongdoing and derail your moral compass.

7. 3 Ways To Be More Mindful at Work (Thrive)
Mindfulness helps us to perform at our best; that is especially true in a work environment. But the question many ask is, what is mindfulness, exactly? And how can we become more mindful at work? Let's dive into a definition of mindfulness in the workplace.

8. Moms Are Burned Out (Romper)
Nearly every mom experiences burnout at some point, but with the right support you can get your energy back.

9. Research Shows How We Can Reduce Bias in Ourselves and Our Organizations (Mindful Mag)
According to the psychology of bias, we can take action to recognize and reduce its impacts on our own mind and in our work.

10. This Philly Writer Was Super Burned Out, So She Took Two Years of “Radical Rest” (Philadelphia Mag)
Caroline Dooner, author of new book "Tired As F*ck," shares why saying no and slowing down is so important in our hustle culture.


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