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Our weekly Mindful Leader news roundup contains the latest news and trends that are impacting our industry. We scan through hundreds of articles weekly and share top content with our 150k+ audience across all social media channels. Below are the top ten articles our audience found most engaging in the last week. 

1. Why a Self-Aware Leader Is a Good Leader (Entrepreneur)
Leaders need to be self-aware before they can become effective.

2. 7 Ways for Leaders to Cultivate Self-Compassion (Mindful)
Georgina Miranda offers practical ways leaders can show themselves the same kindness they wish to show others.

3. 5 Reasons Why The ‘Power Of The Pause’ Is Your Secret Career Weapon (Forbes)
"Hustle, grind, repeat" isn't the only way to get ahead.

4. Healthy Employees: An Important Factor for Workplace Productivity (WellSteps)
The pandemic continues to take a toll worldwide, significantly compromising people's physical, mental, and emotional health, and workplaces have been

5. Ukraine’s Zelensky Is The Master Of Transformational Leadership (Forbes)
The emergence of the bigger, bolder Zelensky is not done by sleight of hand. He's not bluffing or puffing or faking-it-until-he-makes-it.

6. Emotional Intelligence! How Can We Master It? (DataDrivenInvestor)
Despite the popularity of this term, there are still many misunderstandings of what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) stands for.

7. The Pandemic Taught Us 3 Lessons About Communication, Culture, and Collaboration (Inc)
We knew the 3 C's were important before the pandemic, but now they are absolutely critical to success.

8. Feeling Burnout? How To Take A Break From Work And Get Refreshed (Verve Times)
Even a short break can be restorative when we’re super intentional about how we spend it.

9. Using Mindfulness to Boost Leadership in the Workplace (Psychology Today)
We can all serve as mindful leaders to promote meaningful change.

10. On the brink of giving up? Scientists confirm mindfulness meditation can help in internal conflicts (Medical Xpress)
Faced by one too many obstacles on the way to achieving their personal goals--whether an important, valuable or fun one--people may experience an action crisis where they start questioning their pursuit and even feel like giving up.


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