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Our weekly Mindful Leader news roundup contains the latest news and trends that are impacting our industry. We scan through hundreds of articles weekly and share top content with our 150k+ audience across all social media channels. Below are the top ten articles our audience found most engaging in the last week. 

1. Why being a ‘nice boss’ isn’t enough (Fast Company)
It will take more than mere friendliness among coworkers to build a strong culture.

2. How to Be a Supportive Manager When Times Are Tough (Harvard Business Review)
How do you balance your desire to be compassionate with the need to continue to get work done?

3. 3 mindfulness exercises to get through your burnout (Medium)
Do you often feel tired, powerless, and less and less getting out of your hands? 

4. Imposter Syndrome: How To Overcome It, Not Worry About It (CEO World)
Impostor syndrome (IS) refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be.

5. Struggling to fight burnout? This may be the missing fix you need (Fast Company)
If you find yourself overworking, it might be worth doing this type of audit.

6. How to cope with stress and burnout (Accounting Web)
With levels of stress and burnout at concerning levels, it’s time to practice some self-care.

7. Don't Be a Statistic in the Great Resignation: Prioritize Employees' Health to Retain and Attract Talent (Entrepreneur)
Show your employees how important they are to you by prioritizing their mental and physical health and wellness.

8. What is Mental Health and Wellness in HR? (HR Exchange)
Address wellbeing and improve employee engagement and experience

9. 5 Things Leaders Should Do to Grow Their Business and Crush the Great Resignation (Inc.)
These concepts are critical to helping enterprises grow and profit.

10. When Hybrid Isn’t Working: How Can Leaders Address Fatigue? (Forbes)
Six strategies to help prevent burnout in organizations.


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