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Our weekly Mindful Leader news roundup contains the latest news and trends that are impacting our industry. We scan through hundreds of articles weekly and share top content with our 150k+ audience across all social media channels. Below are the top ten articles our audience found most engaging in the last week. 

1. One Personality Trait Enhances Job Performance And Success The Most, New Study Finds (Fast Company)
Scientists have identified one personality trait that has the biggest impact on your job performance and career success more than any other.

2. Meditation Reduces Mind Wandering And Mistakes At Work, New Studies Show (Forbes)
Innovative research has found help for employees who are error-prone or have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. This revolutionary science has implications for workplace wellness, engagement and productivity, and the company's bottom line.

3. 6 Important Tips for Improving Your Emotional Control (Entrepreneur)
Conquer your mind and conquer the world. Understand the importance of emotional control for entrepreneurs and learn how to improve yours with these six tips.

4. 8 Ways to Foster an Environment of Employee Wellbeing (Entrepreneur)
88% of employees report that the meaning of success has recently changed for them, with more and more considering a healthy work environment as vital as professional achievement: how to fuel both.

5. 5 Principles of Purposeful Leadership (Harvard Business Review) While each company needs to define its own leadership point of view, the author presents five attributes that characterize leaders who are able to unleash the kind of human magic you see at work at some of the most high-performing companies.

6. 3 Powerful Habits of Love-Centered Leaders (Inc)
Cultivate gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion.

7. How To Lead Your Exhausted Team (Forbes)
To lead an exhausted workforce, become aware of your own trauma, and be compassionate and present with others. Here's how to do that.

8. 5 Ways to Toughen Up as a Leader (Entrepreneur)
Leaders can't afford to break down, lose their cool or be overly sensitive. They must lead well, no matter the ups and downs.

9. Treat your workers like citizens of a company, not consumers of jobs (Training Zone)
Reframing how you see workers is the first step in building a more human culture. Instead of simply being cogs in the wheel, see them as citizens of the organization, says Philippa White.

10. Stop Framing Wellness Programs Around Self-Care (Harvard Business Review)
Individual distress is a collective problem.


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