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Our weekly Mindful Leader news roundup contains the latest news and trends that are impacting our industry. We scan through hundreds of articles weekly and share top content with our 150k+ audience across all social media channels. Below are the top ten articles our audience found most engaging in the last week. 

1. Harvard Discovers the Energy Effect--It's the Secret to Igniting Extraordinary Performance (Inc)
The world's most successful companies use it, and so can you.

2. Why the Ego Is an Obstacle to Mindful Leadership (Mindful)
Here's how the inner “me voice” of ego can get in the way, and a simple way to practice leading with presence.

3. Having "No Filter" At Work Is A Good Thing, Actually (Refinery 29)
A workplace "filter" is the verbal apparatus that allows you to answer the question "How was your weekend?" with "lovely, thank you" instead of "horrific, my dog died."

4. A Different Take on Burnout (Conscious Leadership Group Blog)
Lately, we hear clients talking about burnout more than ever.

5. Imposter Syndrome Upside? Not Exactly... (Forbes)
Research by Basima Tewfik indicates that imposter thinking is correlated with behaviors that have an interpersonal benefit.

6. Managing Negativity at Work (LeaderChat)
“Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lie our freedom and power to choose a response. In our response lie our growth and our happiness.” 

7. 5 Ways Daily Mindfulness Meditation Has Improved My Life (Better Humans)
I've practiced for decades, but you can see benefits in as little as 8 weeks

8. The Empathetic Workplace | 4 Practical Tips (TalentCulture)
The importance of the empathic workplace. Learn 4 tips to improve team morale and make empathy the cornerstone of your company culture.

9. Work Mindfully: 3 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder (Psychology Today)
Mindfulness can help you have wiser productivity.

10. Why Compassionate Leadership Makes Both Dollars And Sense (Forbes)
Putting people first and delivering results are not incompatible goals. Here's how to achieve it.


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