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Our weekly Mindful Leader news roundup contains the latest news and trends that are impacting our industry. We scan through hundreds of articles weekly and share top content with our 150k+ audience across all social media channels. Below are the top ten articles our audience found most engaging in the last week. 

1. Why the Best Leaders Get Quiet (Mindful)
Rarely do we envision a silent leader. But one of the most valuable qualities in leadership is the ability to listen with respect and presence.

2. Slow down, it’s what your brain has been begging for (Psyche)
It's no small task to live a life of sustained attention. So slow down, and give your brain a break to do its work.

3. 10 C-Words Great Leaders Must Possess And Instill In Their Employees (Forbes)
A great leader must possess 10 C-words of engagement and instill them in their employees if they want to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic work world.

4.  Addressing employee burnout: Are you solving the right problem? (McKinsey Health Institute)
Employers have invested unprecedented resources in employee mental health and well-being. With burnout at all-time highs, leaders wonder if they can make a difference. Our research suggests they can.

5. 3 ways to change your mindset for success and happiness (Fast Company)
Build on positive new micro habits in your daily life to achieve long-term macro changes, this clinical psychologist says.

6. How to Overcome Negative Thoughts By Developing Psychological Flexibility (Inc)
Negativity rarely puts you in the position for success. Instead, learn how to go beyond emotionally-draining thoughts and move towards positivity.

7. This could be the root cause of employees’ low engagement, according to neuroscience (Fast Company)
The outcome of morally traumatic events could present symptomatically as employees with lower motivation, altered cognition, or mood, avoidance, or isolation.

8. Learn The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique To Reduce Anxiety (NDTV)
Breathing exercises are effortless and have been proven to better physical and mental health. Here's why and how to perform the 4-7-8 breathing technique.

9. What to know about taking stress leave from work (Medical News Today)
Stress leave is when a person takes extended time off work to recover from the physical and emotional toll of stress. Reasons for taking it vary from work-related concerns such as high workloads to life issues such as family problems.

10. How to make better and faster decisions when you are struggling to keep up (Fast Company)
The ultimate goal is not perfection or being right all the time, but finding better ways of being wrong.


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