June 13th, 2023 Newsletter

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Hello Mindful Leaders,

How can you practice dialectic thinking? What are some simple mindfulness practices you can incorporate into the workplace? How can compassion make performance reviews less stressful and more effective? 

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Unleashing the Mind: The Neuroscience of Meditation and its Impact on Memory

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Are You a Fear-Based Leader? Unveiling the Link Between Fear-Based Management and Childhood Trauma


Here's How Managers Can Role Model A Good Work-Life Balance For Their Teams


How Anxiety Shows Up in Leadership Roles — and How to Overcome It


4 Major Reasons For Burnout And How Mindful Leadership Can Help


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SPECIAL: Join Meditate Together's 24-hour Sit-a-thon on Thursday, June 23 - Friday, 24, a meditation challenge to rejuvenate your practice. Free for all to participate, just sign-up for details!

Meditate Together: A Global Community of Practice

Establish a regular meditation practice, connect with like-minded meditators, and be part of a compassionate community. Sign up for free drop-in group meditation (24 hours/5 days a week) and more.

Upcoming MBSR Live & Online 8-week courses:
Live online 8-week certificate course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The gold standard in mindfulness training.

  • CLOSING SOON Wednesdays at 9 am ET - Starts June 14
  • Fridays at 12 pm ET - Starts June 23
  • NEAR CAPACITY Fridays at 9 am ET - Starts July 7
  • Sundays at 9 am ET - Starts July 9
  • Fridays at 12 pm ET - Starts July 21
  • NEW Mondays at 6 pm ET - Starts July 24

Upcoming MBSR Silent Retreats:
Retreats are Live & Online (Zoom) led by senior MBSR instructors.

  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Saturday, June 24
  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Sunday, June 25
  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Saturday, July 8
  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Sunday, July 16

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