June 20th, 2023 Newsletter

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Hello Mindful Leaders,

Are you missing the warning signs of your team's mental health decline? Are US workers on the verge of a mental health crisis? What is the secret to Meditate Together's organic, global growth?

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The Power Of The Unconscious Mind: Overcoming Mental Obstacles To Success


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SPECIAL: Join Meditate Together's 24-hour Sit-a-thon on Thursday, June 23 - Friday, 24, a meditation challenge to rejuvenate your practice. Free for all to participate, just sign-up for details!

Meditate Together: A Global Community of Practice

Establish a regular meditation practice, connect with like-minded meditators, and be part of a compassionate community. Sign up for free drop-in group meditation (24 hours/5 days a week) and more.

Upcoming MBSR Live & Online 8-week courses:
Live online 8-week certificate course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The gold standard in mindfulness training.

  • CLOSING SOON Fridays at 12 pm ET - Starts June 23
  • NEAR CAPACITY Fridays at 9 am ET - Starts July 7
  • Sundays at 9 am ET - Starts July 9
  • Fridays at 12 pm ET - Starts July 21
  • Mondays at 6 pm ET - Starts July 24

Upcoming MBSR Silent Retreats:
Retreats are Live & Online (Zoom) led by senior MBSR instructors.

  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Saturday, June 24
  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Sunday, June 25
  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Saturday, July 8
  • 1-Day Meditation Retreat: Sunday, July 16

The Mindful Leader Team


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