Brian Weinberg has a desire to create positive impact in the world. How best to authentically do this has taken him on an inspired soul journey. During University,  Brian was exposed to extreme poverty backpacking across South America. As he tried to made sense of this reality, he immersed himself in the concepts of microfinance; writing an honors thesis and partnering with his university president and well known Dallas business leaders to create the Recycle to Eradicate Poverty program (achieving grants from Clinton Global Initiative U and Ashoka Youth Venture). After graduating Summa Cum Laude in Finance and Spanish, he joined the investment team at a private equity impact fund called MicroVest; investing about $100 million in debt/equity transactions into microfinance banks throughout South America. To complement the due diligence rigor and investment chops, Brian continued learning and creating; launching the GAMECHANGERS podcast series showcasing cutting edge conversations on, began writing for Huffington Post, and started a socially conscious marketplace called  Later, he became NEXUS's Global Operations Director (COO); a network of 3000 young people bridging communities of young wealth and social change as a social acupuncture point.

Brian’s now focuses at the intersection of human development and systemic change. He grounds this emerging regenerative philosophy through agriculture and real estate investments as CEO of Regen.Group in the Hudson Valley. He plays advisory roles in operations, finance, and strategy at a portfolio of organizations including Capital Institute, Terra Genesis International, Regen.Network, NCRI, and Whole Person Economy. Brian also co-chairs the NEXUS lab on Regenerative Culture.