2018 Mindful Leadership Summit
Encore Registration Bonus Gifts 

Thank you for registering for the FREE 2018 Mindful Leadership Summit Encore. We would like to share with you 4 Bonus Sessions recorded at the 2018 Online Mindfulness at Work Summit as your Registration Bonus Gift. Scroll down to watch.

Dan Goleman, PhD
Mindfulness and the 12 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence


In this session, Dan explains the relationship between mindfulness and provides an overview of the 12 competencies of emotional intelligence.

Sharon Salzberg
Real Love at Work - Is That a Real Thing?


In this session, Sharon presents the role of love and compassion for leaders in organizations. She dispels the myths of love and defines love as connection, seeing oneself in another, and embodying a sense of loving-kindness.

Dan Harris
How to Get Skeptics to Meditate


In this session, Dan provides an overview of effective ways to share the impacts and effects of meditation. He encourages meditation enthusiasts to avoid being pushy or proselytizing when sharing the benefits of meditation.

Rhonda Magee, MA, JD
Mindfulness and Transformative Education: Contemplative Teaching and Learning for Social Justice


In this session, Rhonda shares how great social justice is possible when people have the tools & methods to look within, challenge assumptions, and examine the way people participate & shape the world.