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Director of Executive Education & Coaching
GWU Center for Excellence in Public Leadership

Ina Gjikondi is a passionate educator, innovator, and alchemist in service of elevating our humanity to the next level of consciousness. Ina serves as the Director of Executive Education & Coaching at the George Washington University's Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.

She believes in the whole-person leadership development as a way of building more presence, intention and grounded choice to our actions and commitments.

Ina works with people across the globe to awaken their leadership and creative capacity for resilience. An active United Nations advocate in Albania, she came to the US to learn how to manage political campaigns and as life happens moved into the space of leadership development, discovering the love for helping people and organizations grow. Ina is inspired by her son Hadrian, who teaches her to slow down and show up for life with genuine curiosity. To develop this creative dialogue, Ina co-founded Hadrian Series, a learning hub to support families through embodied conversations, celebrating the wonders of life everyday.