MBSR00 Jannine

Jannine Young

My world forever changed after taking a yoga class in 2008. I was asked to breathe, I mean really breathe, a full inhale and an even deeper exhale. I was hooked. Basketball had been my entire life for over 30 years but after much physical abuse, my body was broken. However, after that initial class years ago, I had a sense yoga was the answer and indeed it was. My body grew strong, my balance increased and my flexibility deepened. Along with yoga I developed a daily meditation practice, which eventually taught me to pause my mind, release tension and to became the calm, centered and focused human that I always dreamed of being.

​In 2012, I completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, plus trained with Street Yoga. I began teaching yoga to middle school girls, high school athletes, plus hundreds of classes at local yoga studios over the last six years. In addition to teaching, I guide a weekly meditation circle at a downtown women’s homeless shelter, where seeing these women close their eyes, breathe and let go is one of my greatest joys. My life’s focus is to share yoga and meditation with all people, no matter their age, race, body shape or physical ability.

​My classes are a combination of flowing sequences, settling into stillness while holding poses and sitting in mediation to breathe and quiet the mind. My students leave with the gift of an intention they can hold close to their hearts, allowing them to re-enter the world with a sense of self love and acceptance and the knowledge that they can tackle any obstacle that arises. To me, yoga is living every moment of my life with non-judgment, compassion and kindness.