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Arlene Gordon

Since her first exposure to mindfulness meditation, specifically taught through the MBSR curriculum, Arlene Gordon found the practices to be transformative. A certified MBSR instructor, she has trained extensively in mindfulness, compassion, and trauma based tools, dedicating her professional work to sharing mindful awareness practice with others. Dr. Gordon received her doctorate in clinical psychology in 1988. She maintains a private clinical practice, weaving trauma sensitive mindfulness and sensorimotor interventions in individual sessions. An adjunct professor of development across the lifespan, for the past 10 years Dr. Gordon has offered mindfulness courses to hundreds of students at Montclair University. She spent five years facilitating the MBSR course offered by Atlantic Healthcare’s integrative wellness center. It has been her great joy, over her 30+ year career, to join individuals of all ages, with all the challenges life presents, as they recognize and embrace the possibility of living with more balance, ease, and well being.

  • Teacher certification level: Level 3 Certified Teacher 
  • Years of experience: 5
  • Certification from: UMass Center for Mindfulness

Listen to a meditation from Arlene: