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Dan Vazquez

Dan fell in love with mindfulness in his early 20s when he was having what people nowadays call a quarter-life crisis. Everything on the outside seemed fine: a graduate of Harvard, he was working for the LA times in Mexico City, in a great relationship, financially doing well, had lots of friends, but something didn’t feel right from the inside-out. There was a nagging sense that “there’s more to life” than just succeeding and “making it.” Dan went on a search for something that would help bring clarity, reduce suffering and bring greater ease. Through a journey that took him from practicing with a Zen monk off the coast of Mazatlan to working in a school centered on mindfulness in the foothills of the Himalayas to NYC working with youth in NYC public schools Dan gained clarity about his life path: to help others awaken to the potential we all have to cultivate inner peace and meet life with courage, wisdom, grace, compassion and love. Dan has been a teacher, school administrator, educational consultant, coach, and entrepreneur and has taught over 300 mindfulness classes in a wide range of contexts--from retreats for teenagers and college students, to professional development for teachers, to workshops for entrepreneurs and corporate executives. He has taught three MBSR cycles, has facilitated the Google-developed Search Inside Yourself social and emotional Intelligence program nationwide, and teaches two weekly classes at MNDFL, an online meditation studio. In all Dan has been practicing for 16 years and has logged over a year of silent retreat practice (including doing a 3-month silent retreat). Dan welcomes working with anybody interested in awakening to their inner resilience and wisdom.

  • Teacher level: Level 1 (Authorized Teacher)
  • Classes taught: 3
  • Years of experience: 16
  • Training authorization from: UCSD Center for Mindfulness and Myrna Brind Center for Mindfulness 

Listen to a meditation from Dan: