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Elaine Retholtz

Elaine started meditating in the 60s under the deluded belief that by just concentrating on her breath she could somehow avoid dealing with the emotional turmoil of her teenage years. Fortunately, over time, she encountered more skillful approaches to practice, and attended her first retreat in 1988. Since then, she has been dedicated to the practice and study. Elaine became interested in MBSR in 2004 after 16 years of dedicated meditation retreat and daily practice and over a decade of practicing acupuncture. For her, the path to teaching was a powerful way to share the benefits of practice she had personally experienced with clients and others. Since starting to teach in 2005, she has taught over 90 cycles of the MBSR program. In 2009 she co-founded the NYC MBSR Teacher Collaborative. She is also trained to teach the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program - developed for MBSR graduates.

Elaine was certified as an MBSR teacher by the UMass Center for Mindfulness in 2012. In 2018 she was authorized as an MBSR teacher trainer by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. She is a member of a collaborative of US MBSR Teacher Trainers (Mindfulness Training~US) as well as the Global Mindfulness Collaborative. It brings her great joy to be part of communities of dedicated practitioners and teacher trainers, and to offer training and support to aspiring and developing MBSR teachers. Elaine is also a member of the Teachers Council at New York Insight Meditation Center. She has been involved in NYIMC’s DEI efforts, serving on the Diversity Committee, as well as helping to develop, adapt and co-teach courses on awakening awareness of our racial conditioning - especially for those conditioned as white.

Over the decades Elaine has learned that the power of mindfulness is that happiness and insight arise from turning towards rather than away from life experiences. It shouldn't be a surprise to learn that Elaine has a deep interest in and commitment to helping students integrate mindfulness practice into daily life.

Teacher certification level: Level 3 Certified Teacher, Certified Teacher Trainer
Years of experience: 15
Certification from: UMass Center for Mindfulness, Mindfulness Center at Brown University

Listen to a meditation from Elaine: