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MBSR00 Rose Mina headshot

MBSR Instructor - Rose Mina Munjee

Rose Mina Munjee is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice and a Certified Level II MBSR and MBCT teacher, mentor, and teacher trainer. She is also a certified MSC teacher, craniosacral practitioner, and restorative, therapeutic, and trauma-informed yoga teacher. She teaches at the Center for Mindfulness Studies, Center for Mindful Self Compassion, University of Toronto, several yoga studios and organizations, and is founder and managing director at Mindful Wellness.

Rose Mina also has a private practice and does clinical work in health-care and public health settings in trauma-informed care, mindfulness, and psychotherapy. She identifies as BIPOC and has a particular interest in social justice and cultivating greater diversity, inclusivity, and belonging for marginalized populations. 

CREDENTIALS: Level 2 certified teacher from USCD, UCSD teacher mentor

Listen to a meditation from Rose Mina: