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Discover the latest tools, techniques, and strategies in the growing field of MINDFULNESS@WORK for 2019 from 30+ leading experts.

  • Free & Online from Monday, June 10th through Wednesday, June 19th

  • Over 26 hours of training and insights

  • BONUS gift of 4 free sessions from the 2018 MINDFULNESS@WORK Summit including Dan Harris, Sharon Salzberg, Dan Goleman, and Daniela Labra Cardero.

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A Course in Mindful Living for Leaders
Become a better leader. Transform your anxiety, fear, and stress into courage, ease, and happiness. The next 6-month Certificate Program start date is TBD.

  • Robust self paced modular and interactive learning platform

  • Multiple LIVE learning sessions with Dr. Elisha Goldstein, Mo Edjlali & Gayle Van Gils.

  • Peer mentors and a dedicated community

  • BONUS Lessons including past Mindful Leader Speakers

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Upgrade Package available for the 2019 EMBODIMENT@WORK Summit
Learn how to embody leadership excellence & create a thriving workplace.

  • 5 full days of the latest body-based tools, techniques, and strategies
  • Downloadedable VIDEO & AUDIO of all 36 sessions
  • PDF Transcripts
  • PLUS Special Bonus Gifts with practices & resources from our expert speakers


5th Mindful Leadership Summit Video Plus Package
Replay the 2018 Mindful Leadership Summit.

  • 24 high-quality presentations

  • Speakers include Tara Brach, Judson Brewer, Bill George, Ruth King, & more!

  • BONUS Talks including Dan Goleman, Rhonda Magee, Dan Harris, & Sharon Salzberg


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Upgrade Package available for the 2018 Mindfulness@Work Summit
Discover the latest tools, techniques, and tactics from 56 leading experts.

  • Over 46 hours of insights & recordings

  • Speakers include Dan Goleman, Sharon Salzberg, Dan Siegel, Rhonda Magee, & Dan Harris

  • BONUS Material & Offers from our Speakers & Sponsors