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Join us for the Encore of the 5th Mindful Leadership Summit
The world's largest gathering devoted to the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace.

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Schedule & Presentation Details
Curious to know the Summit Topics and Session Titles? Scroll down for the full program outline.

Business & Leadership

  • Bill George - Becoming a Mindful Leader

  • Ruth King - Cultivating Racial Awareness: Diversity Starts with Leadership Not Policy

  • Peter Weng - How to Scale a Mindfulness Program Worldwide: Lessons Learned from Multiple Enterprise Deployments

  • Jim Dethmer - 7 Keys to Resolve Conflict Consciously

  • Richard-Strozzi Heckler & Marvin Riley - A Conversation about the Importance of Mindful Movement Practices & Leadership Development

  • James Flaherty & Luzette Jaimes - Unleashing Systemic Transformation through Integral Leadership

  • Caroline Welch - Meeting Myths in the Workplace: A Woman's Challenge

  • Laurie Cameron - Getting Past the Launch: Strategies that Help Mindfulness Programs Last

  • Hammad Atassi - The Business Case for the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, & Profit

Executive & Corporate Case Studies

  • Peter Bostelmann - Mindfulness @SAP: The Journey, Tactics, & Strategies Behind One of the World's Most Successful Mindfulness at Work Programs

  • Gesa Hauser & Daniel Vonier - Mindfulness @Deutsche Telekom: Re-inventing Emotional Intelligence in the Corporate World

  • Clif Smith - Mindfulness @Ernst & Young: The Possibilities of Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Mark Goldberg & Dana Pulley - Mindfulness @Latham & Watkins: Engaging Cross-Office and Remote Teams

  • Bill Duane - Mindfulness @Google: Training Executives to Make Friends with Chaos & Complexity

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Psychology

  • Tara Brach - Radical Compassion: Awakening Our Naturally Wise & Loving Hearts

  • Elisha Goldstein - Why the Impact of Some Mindfulness Programs is Stickier than Others - Social Connection, the Secret Sauce

  • Due Quach - Deconstructing Unconscious Bias Using Neuroscience and Mindfulness

  • Michael Gelb - The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now

  • Emiliya Zhivotovskaya - The 6 Core Skills from Applied Positive Psychology

  • Stephen Josephs - Beyond Self-Importance: Your Ego Got You Here, but it Won't Get You There

  • Maria Sirois - The Intersection of Happiness & Resilience: Tools that Increase Well-Being, Capacity, and Optimism within our Organizations

Higher-Ed & Academia  

  • Amit Sood - 3 Simple Steps to Cultivate Lasting Resiliency

  • Judson Brewer - The Neuroscience Behind How Mindfulness Helps Us Hack Our Minds

  • Dorrie Fontaine & Lili Powell - Mindfulness @UVA School of Nursing: Compassionate Care Initiative

  • Edward Hess & Marvin Riley - Hyper-Learning: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

  • Charles Lief & Regina Smith - A Little Too Much Truth: A Candid Conversation between a CEO & a Chief Diversity Officer

  • Ina Gjikondi & Richard Barrett - Soul in the Workplace: The Future of Mindfulness at Work



You’ll learn how mindfulness can help you become a better leader, transform your workplace, improve your team’s health & performance, and feel more fulfilled at work. You’ll discover the latest tools, techniques, and strategies from this diverse group of experts that have never been gathered together before.  

✔   Enhance your mental posture & achieve new levels of leadership excellence
✔   Increase performance and foster mental & emotional well being
✔   Create a thriving, people-centric organization
✔   PLUS…the latest science, case studies, mindfulness practices and more

Sessions are filled with key takeaways, tips, and practices that you can apply immediately. 

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