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Embody leadership excellence & create a thriving workplace.


For the first time, the world’s top experts in leadership embodiment, somatic coaching, performance psychology, mindful movement, yoga, and mind-body training have come together to explore EMBODIMENT@WORK. Together, we will redefine the boundaries of human potential by combining ancient wisdom from contemplative traditions and martial arts with cutting edge neuroscience, sports psychology and science.   

✔ Increase energy and change mental states through breath and movement
✔ Build camaraderie and promote physical and mental wellness 
✔ Uncover subtle blind spots and catch emotional outbursts before they happen
✔ Tune in to the powerful intuition of body intelligence 
✔ Enhance meditation practices with body-based techniques


This new event features sessions with 30+ leading Body-Based Teachers,
Somatic Coaches, Best-Selling Authors, and Pioneering Scientists.

Speaker - Steven Kotler.png

Steven Kotler
NYT Best-Selling Author & Executive Director of Flow Research Collective

Speaker - Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter
Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Spiritually Fly™

Speaker - Katie Hendricks.png

Katie Hendricks, PhD
Author & Co-founder of The Hendricks Institute

Speaker - Mingtong Gu.png

Master Mingtong Gu
Qigong Master Teacher

Speaker - Cara Bradley.png

Cara Bradley

Author & Founder of Verge Body-Mind

Speaker - Cyndi Lee.png

Cyndi Lee
Yoga & Meditation Teacher at OM Yoga

Speaker - George Mumford.png

George Mumford
Mindfulness & Performance Expert

Speaker - Megan McDonough.png

Megan McDonough
General Manager of RISE at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Speaker - LeeAnn Mallorie.png

LeeAnn Mallorie
Founder & CEO of Leading in Motion

Speaker - Richard Strozzi-Heckler.png

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD
Founder of Strozzi Institute

Speaker - Max Strom.png

Max Strom
Global Speaker, Teacher & Author

Speaker - Rose Pavlov.png

Rose Felix Cratsley
Founder & CEO of IvyChild International

Speaker - Dan Brule.png

Dan Brule
Author, Teacher & Founder of Breath Mastery

Speaker - Ginny Whitelaw.png

Ginny Whitelaw
Author, Founder & President of Institute for Zen Leadership

Speaker - Rolf Gates.png

Rolf Gates 
Former US Airborne Ranger, Author & Yoga Teacher

Speaker - Mark Walsh.png

Mark Walsh
Founder & Director of the Embodied Facilitator Course

Speaker - Wendy Palmer.png

Wendy Palmer
Author & Founder of Leadership Embodiment

Speaker - Richard Miller.png

Richard Miller, PhD
Founder & Director of iRest Institute

Speaker - Hawah Kasat.png

Hawah Kasat
Author, Educator, Non-profit Leader, Film Producer & Yogi

Speaker - Pilar Gerasimo.png

Pilar Gerasimo
Journalist, Social Explorer & Healthy Deviant

Speaker - Bebe Hansen.png

Bebe Hansen
Principal of Presence-Based® Coaching

Speaker - Ali Smith.png

Ali Smith
Co-founder & Executive Director of the Holistic Life Foundation

Speaker - Kristen Ulmer.png

Kristen Ulmer
Author, Former Professional Extreme Skier & Fear Expert

Speaker - Johnny Gillespie.png

Johnny Gillespie
Mindful Movement Specialist at BalancedAthlete

Speaker - Larissa Hall Carlson.png

Larissa Hall Carlson
Mindfulness Teacher & Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

Speaker - Stephen Porges.png

Stephen Porges, PhD
Distinguished Scientist, IU Bloomington & Professor Psychiatry, UNC Chapel Hill

Speaker - Amanda Blake.png

Amanda Blake
Author & Master Somatic Leadership Coach

Speaker - Pete Hamill.png

Pete Hamill
Author, Consultant & Coach at Uncommon Leaders Ltd

Speaker - Lucia Horan.png

Lucia Horan
Mindfulness Teacher & 5Rhythms® Dancer

Speaker - Michael Gervais.png

Michael Gervais, PhD
Author & Co-founder of Compete to Create

Speaker - Martha Eddy.png

Dr. Martha Eddy
Founding Director  of Dynamic Embodiment & Moving For Life

Speaker - Matthew Sanford.png

Matthew Sanford
Author & Founder of Mind Body Solutions

Speaker - Bonnitta Roy.png

Bonnitta Roy
Author & Founder of Alderlore Inc.

Speaker - Guy Claxton.png

Guy Claxton
Author & Professor at King's College London

Speaker - Christine Caldwell.png

Christine Caldwell, PhD
Founder & Professor Emeritus of Somatic Psychology at Naropa University

Speaker - Stanley Rosenberg.png

Dr. Stanley Rosenberg
Author, Teacher & Craniosacral Therapist

Speaker - Maud Raber.png

Maud Raber
Executive Embodiment Coach & Facilitator of Embodied Potential

Sessions will be filled with key takeaways, tips & practices that you can apply immediately.


View session details and plan your Summit experience.

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Embody the change you wish to see @Work.


Discover the latest body-based tools, techniques, and strategies from this diverse group of renowned experts including leadership experts, professors, scientists, martial artists, sports psychologists, and yogis & meditation teachers.

Breakthrough mental and emotional limits 
Inspire without saying a word
✔ Overcome extreme stress and fear with grace
✔ Increase energy and clarity with simple body practices
✔ Create a more joyful and fun work culture


EW19 Logo & Date (1).png