Learn from 25 + Expert Instructors in Neuroscience, Performance Psychology, and Resilience

Steven Kotler

New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder, the Flow Research Collective

Cara Bradley

Mental Fitness Expert, Author and Bootcamp CO-Producer

Mark Divine

New York Times Bestselling Author, Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.)

Jessica McDonald

2019 Women's World Cup Soccer Champion, Founder, Soccer Resilience

Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

Founder, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

When we are mentally fit we are at our best - whether it's how we show up in relationships, our ability to creatively find solutions, how we bounce back from adversity, or reaching for optimal performance. We’ve partnered with mental fitness expert and author Cara Bradley to gather a group of experts across disciplines and backgrounds which all bring a unique perspective to mental fitness. Understand the science and research of mental fitness and discover a mix of concepts and approaches across multiple domains. You'll be able to customize a personal mental fitness regime that works for your lifestyle and demands and take steps to make that plan a foundation for creating habits that will continue to support your mental fitness.

Cross-Train with Lessons from world-experts across 4 domains  

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  • The Real Secrets to Mental Toughness
    Mark Divine, NYT Bestselling Author, Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.)
  • Choose your State (Or the world will choose it for you)
    Cara Bradley,  Mental Fitness Expert, Author
  • Embrace & Embody Your Inner Wisdom in Brain 3.0
    Due Quach, Author of Calm Clarity, one of Fast Company’s Best Business Books of 2018
  • Holistic Performance: Be at Your Best When it Matters Most
    Dr. Mark A Campbell Ph.D., Owner, Campbell Performance, World Series Champion Mental Performance Coach
  • Developing Mental Fitness Through Preparedness, Resilience, Grit, and Compassion
    Jon Macaskill, Meditation Teacher, Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.)
  • Training the Mind for Performance and Well-Being
    Chad McGehee, Director of Meditation Training, University of Wisconsin Athletics
  • Calm is Your Superpower
    Darnell McDonald, Former MLB Player and Mental Skills Coach
  • Building High Performance Habits
    Sebastian Little, Performance Leadership Coach
  • Awareness and Attitude, the Components of Mindfulness
    Jason Gant, Global Athletic Behavioral Health Coach
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  • Training Our Brains For Everyday Trauma: Past Present & Future
    Dr. Tracey Shors, Professor of Neuroscience, Rutgers
  • Mindful Movement and Constructive Rest
    Larissa Hall Carlson, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, & Mindfulness Educator
  • Making the World your Gym
    Krista Stryker, Founder, 12-Minute Athlete & Author
  • How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Workout
    Johnny Gillespie, Founder, Balanced Athlete
  • A 5-Step Method for Habit Formation
    Brandon Epstein, Mental Fitness Trainer, Co-Founder, Jump Rope Dudes
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  • Permission To Feel - Unlocking the power of Emotional Intelligence
    Marc Brackett, Founding Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • The Power of Reframing Adversity
    Jessica McDonald, 2019 Women's World Cup Soccer Champion, Founder, Soccer Resilience
  • Burnout: The Cost of High Performance
    Dr. Sarah Sarkis, Psychologist & Performance Coach
  • Resonating Resilience from the Body Up
    Ginny Whitelaw, CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership
  • Why Sleep Matters for Mental Fitness
    Wendy Troxel, Ph.D., Sleep Psychologist, Author
  • Using Your Breath To Boost Resilience & Unlock Peak Performance
    Tracy Alston, Host, Mental Fitness Matters National Radio Show
  • Atomic Focus: Harness the True Power of Your Brain with Simple Breathing Exercises
    Patrick McKeown, Director of Education for OxygenAdvantage & Author
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  • How the 5 layers of intrinsic motivation fuel flow
    Steven Kotler, NYT Bestselling Author, Founder, the Flow Research Collective
  • How Contemplative Practice in Nature Supports Resilience
    Mark Coleman, Meditation Teacher, Founder, Awake in the Wild
  • Intro to the Gut Brain Axis
    Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., PsychoNutritionist & Author
  • Craving to Connect: Why Connection Matters for Mental Health & Fitness
    Natalie Christine Dattilo, Ph.D., Psychologist & Mental Health Educator
  • How the Daily Practice of Gratitude Can Change Your Life
    Scott McBride, Founder, ClearLight Meditation Institute
  • Eating the Rainbow for Mind and Body Wellness
    Dr. Deanna Minich, Ph.D., Nutritionist, Researcher, and Author

Guided Practices and Exercises to Choose From


  • Spilling the TEA, Guided Meditation
  • 3 Ups and 1 Down Retrospective Practice
  • Guided Box Breathing Practice
  • Focused Awareness Guided Meditation
  • Calm Clarity Compassion Meditation
  • Shifting Out of Overwhelm with Joy
  • Guided Meditation to Find Calm and Get In the Zone
  • Preparedness, Resilience, Grit, and Compassion Guided Meditation


  • Ten Movements in Ten Minutes
  • Everyday Anywhere Exercise Routine
  • Mental and Physical (MAP) Training, Focused Attention and Aerobic Exercise
  • Starting a jump rope fitness practice
  • Mindful Mini Movement Breaks and Constructive Rest Practice
  • Spinal 6 - Nourish your Brain by moving your Spine


  • Mood Meter - Exercise in Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Get in the Zone - a breath practice
  • 21 Breath Salutation
  • 4-2-4-1 Breathing Practice
  • How to Create a "Pillow Talk" Wind Down Routine
  • Mental Reset Practice


  • Cultivating Gratitude Daily Practice
  • 5 Easy Ways to Cultivate Connection
  • Nourishing Your Gut Brain Axis with Plants: The 30 Plant Challenge
  • Contemplative Awareness in Nature Practice
  • Food & Mood Tracker Tool

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