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Our mission is to enable people to create mindful and compassionate work environments.

Mindfulness Training

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MBSR 8-Week Certificate Course

Reduce stress, lower anxiety and live with greater ease.  Learn More>>

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MBSR Silent Retreats 

Revitalize with an immersive retreat. Learn More>>

Certification Programs

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Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator

Share the power of mindfulness with skill, professionalism and confidence.
Learn More>>

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MBSR Teacher Training: Foundations

Take the first step towards becoming a certified MBSR Teacher. Learn More>>


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Annual Mindful Leader Summit

Bring Mindfulness to Work. Washington, DC | Sept 26 - Sept 29
, 2024.  Learn More >>

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Workplace Mindfulness Summit (Online)

Boost resilience and foster mental well-being with workplace mindfulness. Learn More>>

Community of Practice

Meditate Together

 Meditate Together: A Global Community of   Practice

Elevate your meditation practice with the power of community. Learn More>>

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