3 Simple Ways to Create More Tech-Life Balance Today

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By Meico Marquette Whitlock, the Mindful Techie, guest contributor

The pandemic has disrupted your life and blurred the lines between working at home and living at work. Your job role may have shifted as we grapple collectively with how to provide essential services with little to no human contact. The volume of emails, texts, tweets, and meetings has increased exponentially. And you’re emotionally spent from all the change, disruption, and uncertainty. 

If you wish things could magically go b…

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Can taking MBSR help with Workplace Burnout?

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By Peter Calin, guest contributor

An unprecedented phenomenon might be one way to describe the tsunami-like changes in the way we work now, compared to pre-COVID-19. COVID completely changed the work landscape. There was a seismic shift from working in offices to working from home remotely.  What had been an infrequent concession to employees became the norm, emerging from protocols to restrict the spread and lessen the exposure.  

The workforce emerged…

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Growth Mindset: Creating Change, One Breath at a Time

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By Steven M. Cohen, guest contributor

A growth mindset is a willingness, and even a passion, to continue to improve and implement effective change.  Sometimes that change is a small tweak and sometimes change needs to be transformational in order to meet evolving demands and opportunities.

Facing change is daunting for most of us and may be one of our biggest fears.  We may believe personal change is admitting failure.  However, personal growth gives you the tools to thrive in an ever-changing…

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I Am Not Me Without You

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By Joy Reichart, New Ventures West, guest contributor

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of witnessing the certification of a new group of Integral Coaches: a powerful rite of passage that is the culmination of a year of hard work, dedicated practice, and profound growth. At the close of the session, one new graduate checked out with these words: 

I am not me without you.

Though I know this person to be profoundly wise, spiritually connected, and relationally skillful, it nevertheless seemed…

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Top 5 Articles of 2021

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