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Increase Employee Mindfulness App Usage Doing This One Simple Thing

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By Deborah Hendricks, EdD, CFLE, Director of Pre-Health Advising & Mindfulness Coach, University of Toledo 

Mindfulness Phone Apps 

As the popularity of mindfulness meditation has grown in the last few years, so has the number of mindfulness phone apps, such as Ten Percent Happier, Calm, and HeadSpace. Also increasing is the number of businesses incorporating technology into their workplace wellness programs. Last year, I stopped into my local Apple store to purchase a product....

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Can't Meditate Like a Monk? Try This Instead

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By Nate Klemp

I’ve come to a sobering realization when it comes to my meditation practice: I will never be an elite meditator.  

And that has led me to rethink the basic nature of mindfulness practice.

Here’s the context. In Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson’s latest book Altered Traits, which brings together the most cutting edge scientific research on the benefits of meditation, they conclude that the benefits of meditation are a function of the...

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3 Steps to Make Better Decisions With Mindfulness

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 By Janice Marturano

Every day we are asked to make decisions. Some are of little consequence while others can literally change our lives and the lives of others. When those important questions arise, we can find it difficult to choose. We might feel paralyzed by an overload of input from others, or we might feel as though there is no clear "right." So, are there ways a mindful leadership practice can help? Let’s look at 3 Steps to Mindful Decision-Making:  

Step 1: Stop...

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Case Study: Mindfulness@ The U.S. Senate

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Watch Kristin Welsh-Simpson at the Mindful Leadership Summit 2019. This talk will highlight the whys, hows and current status of a nationwide mindfulness program launched at the Senate two years ago. You will learn about delivering a product that is not being asked for, sustaining a program in a resistant environment, and laying the foundation for culture change.

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4 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Be Your Own Coach

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By Andy Lee

Coaching for professional development is continuing to grow in popularity. The International Coach Federation estimated in 2016 that there are 20,000 coaches in North America and growing, generating $1+ billion in revenue. In this age of endless self-help websites and blogs offering all sorts of job and career advice, it’s easy to understand the appeal of receiving guidance from a single human in a 1:1 setting. 

Workplace coaching can have a profound impact on people....

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Mindful Leadership: Finding the Space to Lead with Inspiration

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Much of today’s lifestyle leaves us feeling overloaded and disconnected, so prioritizing time to form and cultivate connections falls by the wayside. Is that just the way life is today? Or can we nurture a workforce to feel engaged, and, yes, even inspired? Join Janice Marturano as she discusses this.

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How to See Beyond Your Structure of Interpretation

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By Joy Reichart

I recently spoke to someone who is curious about training to be an Integral Coach. Integral Coaching is a developmental methodology that supports clients in becoming self-generating and self-correcting, moving through all areas of life with greater capacity, spaciousness, and sense of possibility. 

This person’s interest stems from a pattern he’s noticed in his life—namely, breakdowns in leadership in the organizations he’s been a part of. He...

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3 Reasons Why MBSR Should be the Workplace Standard

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By Ted Meissner

Today you can find mindfulness just about everywhere, from classrooms to corporations, PBS specials and TIME magazine, and even in your grocery store checkout line. But that hasn’t always been the case, and mindfulness going mainstream has been a relatively new development.

Much of that is due to the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, who created a detailed curriculum for learning, practice, and even scientific research about mindfulness. Kabat-Zinn founded the Stress Reduction...

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