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What is the business case for Mindful Leadership? And how to get started.
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Insights from the 2018 Internal Champions of Mindfulness Un-conference
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Debate at the 2019 Mindful Leadership Summit

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Candy Gunther Brown, PhD, Rich Fernandez, PhD, David Forbes, PhD, and Barnaby Spring debate the state of mindfulness in 2019. From the rise of McMindfulness to the question of what should be allowed in schools, they covered it all in 45 minutes. Continue the debate in comments. Who do you agree with?

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5 Things We Learned Hosting the Mindful Leadership Summit

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How do you foster the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace?  The benefits can be immeasurable, as many people learned this weekend at the sixth annual Mindful Leadership Summit. The summit kicked off in downtown Washington, DC at the Grand Hyatt with a diverse array of speakers and attendees.  Hundreds of attendees came from all over the world for the experience and the chance to learn about workplace leadership and community. 

The four-day summit, held...

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Discover Effortless Mindfulness and Try These 5 Micro-Practices

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By Loch Kelly

Effortless mindfulness is both a natural capacity and a skillful way to connect with ourselves and others. It is a way of being mindful from a different level of mind than we are used to. There is more to effortless mindfulness than meditation. Effortless mindfulness is primarily an off-the-meditation-cushion way of weaving together contemplation and compassionate actions. Effortless mindfulness begins by opening to a natural spacious awareness in order to become more wise,...

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4 Ways to Reclaim Your Juju and Get Your Vitality Back on Track

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By Pilar Gerasimo

Feeling a bit worn out or freaked out these days? Yeah, join the club.

You’ve probably heard by now that stress-related diseases and conditions rank among the top contributors to our country’s healthcare expenses. Many sources suggest that up to 85 percent of all doctor’s-office visits are in some way tied to stress. Many chronic diseases have a stress-related component. And today, more than 50 percent of U.S. adults have been diagnosed with at least one...

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Lesson Learned in Over a Decade of Mindfulness@SIYLI

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Richard provides an overview of the milestones over the last decade of Search Inside Yourself, and his tenure at Google and Ebay. He explains the best practices of mindfulness and how to create mindfulness programs inside organizations. As mindfulness becomes trending, he reminds mindfulness is not just a productivity tool, however, it is a way to change how organizations operate, increase resiliency and emotional intelligence, to improve the way people work together, to impact society.


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We Need to Rethink Anxiety - 3 Actions to Take

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By Max Strom

Why is it that so many people in urban environments across the world are now experiencing exponential growth in anxiety and depression? What can we make of the fact that anxiety is now an epidemic in America? It’s also alarming that suicide was the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 and 34. 

Most of us are thankful that we live in a time when we have medications for anxiety and depression, but I haven’t met anybody who wants to...

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How to Make Your Commute Time Self Care Time

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By Tia Philipart

There are plenty of workers who are guilty of taking work home with them. Not only are they finishing projects up at home, but they are ruminating about their work during their drives to and from the office when they are least capable of physically completing their work. The frustration of overthinking work tasks is detrimental to these commuters’ mental health. It might not be obvious at first, but ruminating upon work thoughts leads to an unsuccessful workday. If you...

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How Mindfulness-Based Programs Work to Improve Students’ Academic Performance

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By Karen Alexander

Student levels of stress and depression have been climbing at an alarming rate, and science is showing the negative effects of such states of mind and emotions on learning. With a persistent national achievement gap, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affecting almost half of US children, and a staggering 52% national rise in adolescent major depressive episodes from 2005 to 2017, more states and school districts are recognizing the need for a holistic view of education...

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