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5 Easy Steps to Worrying Less at Work 

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By Elisha Goldstein

Imagine being able to show up at work feeling more self-confidence and less worry. What impact would that have on your energy level and what you can achieve that day? As humans, we will always struggle with worry and fear. But when we allow them to take control of our thoughts, actions and consequences follow. We might find ourselves procrastinating more often, being less creative, taking fewer risks—all of which affects our level of growth and success.

When we take...

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3 Reasons to Combine Mindfulness and Change Management

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By Wendy Quan

In the corporate world, many of us struggle with the relentless changes that happen at work that often disrupt our lives and increase our stress.

The responsibility of helping people through change, or ‘change management,’ tends to fall upon leaders, change managers, project managers or human resources. However, generally whatever little time there is to perform change management is usually spent delivering communications and maybe the occasional employee survey....

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Is Capitalism the Solution or the Problem? Changing the World by Changing How We Do Business

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Capitalism is an extraordinarily powerful idea that has uplifted the lives of billions of people. At the same time, it’s been abused by businesses to exploit their employees and harm their communities for short-term profit. It doesn't have to be this way.

Come hear stories of business as a source of healing, inspiration, meaning, and prosperity.

Raj Sisodia is FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson...

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6 Highlights for Mindful Leaders from Ray Dalio's AMA Session

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By Mo Edjlali

The billionaire Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge-fund, in 1975. His net worth is $18.4 billion.  In 2017 tweeted:  “Transcendental Meditation has probably been the single most important reason for whatever success I’ve had...”. 

On May 7th, Dalio hosted a candid Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), during which people on Reddit could ask him any questions they’d like. He began the Q&A by posting: “I’m Ray...

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4 Minute Practice to Radiating Confidence at Work

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By Gayle Van Gils

There’s a common expression: We know it when we see it. But in actuality, we know it when we feel it. The person in front of you is radiating energy, excitement, and enthusiasm, and at the same time is calm, grounded, and self-possessed. The confident individual is magnetic to us. We want to get to know her, and may be curious about what she does and how she became that way.

Unconditional confidence is distinguishable from feigned confidence or arrogance. Its nature...

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What is Decision Fatigue and How Can You Outsmart It at Work?

BL00 - What is Decision Fatigue.jpg

By Karlie Kramer

Have you ever felt mentally drained after a long meeting or taxing workday? That’s because you’ve probably made anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 decisions, switching tasks over 300 times during the workday — and your brain is exhausted. This is called decision fatigue, and it’s responsible for the decline in focus and willpower that affects millions of Americans daily.

 The phenomenon was first discovered by social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister,...

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Bringing Mindfulness to Students of Color in Higher Education

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This workshop will address the critical need at universities for mindfulness programming created for students of color. The long-standing and daily racism that people of color endure can hinder self-esteem, positive body image and healthy decision-making.

Mindfulness principles and practices can act as empowerment tools to address self-limiting beliefs related to one's racial and ethnic identity. By letting go of false and unhealthy narratives, students begin to move beyond any barriers in...

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