Our mission is to enable people to create mindful and compassionate work environments.

The current work environment and leadership methods of a majority of organizations are leading to record levels of workplace loneliness, depression, anxiety, and burnout. In a world with increasing complexity, volatility, uncertainty, and record change, things are only getting more difficult.

We are redefining what good leadership is, what a healthy workplace culture looks like, and ultimately making work a place for growth and flourishing.

How we serve our community:
Through collaboration and alliances with non-profits, universities, corporations, experts in neuroscience, organizational behavior, leadership development, mindfulness, and compassion, we curate and convene events, learning communities and educational resources to inspire, develop, and enable leaders. Our community is international, multi-disciplinary, and across industries.

Mindful Leader is a social impact for profit organization, headquartered in the Washington DC Metro Area, USA.