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Practice: Uncovering Your Natural Awareness

BL00 - Practice Uncovering Your Natural Awareness-High-Quality

NOTE: Diana Winston will be hosting a Mindful Leader Expert Workshop, Refine and Expand your Meditation Practice: Practicing Mindfulness Across the Spectrum of Awareness, on June 4th. Click here to learn more. 

By Diana Winston

Awareness is a capacity of the human mind. Awareness is the ability to directly know and to perceive, sense, feel, or be cognizant of experience. We might think of awareness simply as the state of being conscious of something.

Every living being is aware. We usually do…

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5 Ways to Restore Mental Wellness during COVID

BL00 - 5 Ways to Restore Mental Wellness during COVID-High-Quality

NOTE: Dr. Elisha Goldstein will be hosting a Mindful Leader Expert Workshop, Moving from Fear to Empowerment, on May 7th. Click here to learn more. 

By Dr. Elisha Goldstein

In the past year of Covid-19 mental wellness for many of us has gone out the window entirely. If you're experiencing that you're not alone. It used to be that 1 in 12 people suffered from symptoms of an anxiety disorder and this last year the CDC found it was 1 in 3. I say this just to give you a sense that you’re not alone…

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How to Use Music in Your Mindfulness Practice

BL00 - How to Use Music in Your Mindfulness Practice-High-Quality

By Joy Reichart, New Ventures West

When I was a student in the Professional Coaching Course some years ago, I found myself sobbing deeply one morning as my classmates and I listened to “Father and Son” by Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens. 

I couldn’t explain why this was happening… only that something about the combination of voice, melody, and words touched my soul in a particular way. The song found a spot in me that needed release. 

A decade later I can recognize that the song brought forth for me …

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9 Mindfulness Exercises to Help you Manage COVID Stress

BL00 - 9 Mindfulness Exercises to Help you Manage COVID Stress-High-Quality

By Amy Rigby

Mindfulness exercises are the gold standard for managing COVID stress for a reason.

53% of adults in the U.S. say their mental health has worsened because of Covid-related stress and worry.
From the pandemic that brought you the terms “social distancing” and “Zoom fatigue,” here’s another one to add to your vocabulary: Covid stress. Google Trends shows that searches for the term were nonexistent in February, peaked at the end of March, fell at the start of summer and were again…

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Strengthen Self-Observation with this Journaling Practice

BL00 - The Power of Self-Observation-High-Quality (1)

By Joy Reichart, New Ventures West

An effective use of the mind

Part of what makes the Integral Coaching methodology effective is its focus on somatics: awareness of what is happening in the body, and physical practices that support clients in building the body of someone who has the qualities or competencies they wish to develop (e.g., receptivity, relationality, humility, power, etc.)

In part we pay so much attention to the body because of the automatic and over-developed nature of cognitio…

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Kindfulness-Based Stress Reduction — KBSR?

BL00 - Kindfulness-Based Stress Reduction-High-Quality

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By Cassie Schindler 

Right there, in the foreword of Jon-Kabat Zinn’s powerful book, Mindfulness for All; The Wisdom to Transform the World, he coins the word kindfulness, knowing that someone would pick it up, and expand, rather than exploit, its relevance. I hope to do that with this writing. 

If the name of the 8-week MBSR course began with the word kindfulness instead of mindfulness, would you register? Would you have a clear understanding of that w…

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An Unexpected Gift from Taking MBSR

BL00 - An Unexpected Gift from Taking MBSR-High-Quality

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By Karyn Sandelman

There were many things that attracted me to this particular path when I made the commitment to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) years ago. First was my determination to share mindfulness—the practice that has been a steady, positive force of growth in my life for nearly 25 years. Beyond that, I was (and still am) committed to making mindfulness accessible to as many people as possible. MBSR, with its inclusive approach, …

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Sensing Another’s True Nature

BL00 - Sensing Another’s True Nature-High-Quality

By Joy Reichart, New Ventures West

Often when we meet someone for the first time, we introduce ourselves by saying what we do, where we live, what we enjoy. Rarely do we speak about the most elusive yet most important aspect of our lives: who we are. 

This is very possibly because we don’t know, not really. This is because each of us is living in a particular Structure of Interpretation: a kind of ‘bubble’ comprising messages about what was acceptable or not in our family and wider culture. As…

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Using One Question to Explore the Heart of Our Being

BL00 - Why Are You Really Here-High-Quality

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By Janet Solyntjes

The Open Question

For the past few decades, I have been immersed in various teachings, trainings, and pathways that have inspired me to repeatedly ask the question, “Why am I really here?” Outer circumstances and inner stirrings have led to these contemplations. My intention behind this offering is to guide, support, and lead you into various contemplations so that your deepest wisdom can emerge from beneath any storms on the surface …

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Naming it, Reframing it, Taming it: Mindfulness in a Pandemic

BL00 - Naming it, Reframing it, Taming it-High-Quality

By Cheri Lovre

The first thing to remember about any crisis is: We’re going to come out of it. 

Right now, after months of living with Covid-19, many people feel disoriented. It’s like we’ve lost our North Star. No one can be sure of the best course to follow. But the North Star is there in the sky. We just can’t see it right now because the lingering fog of uncertainty is still all around us. 

The vaccines that are emerging now will help, but the uncertainty related to COVID will continue fo…

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