3 Questions that Strike the Vital Point of MBSR

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By Janet Solyntjes

Several days ago I received a list of common questions that potential MBSR participants have voiced to the staff at Mindful Leader.  In looking over the list I thought I would address one, but found that three questions, when combined, strike the heart of what we could call the MBSR experiential journey.  These questions represent the beginning, middle, and end of any journey one might take: the view, practice, and result.  

Take, for…

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Autonomy, Competence, and Connection: The Backbone of MBSR

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By Anna Smyth

What exactly will I get out of an MBSR class? 

This is the most common question I hear from prospective students. While considering an MBSR course, you may have some assumptions about what a “class” might involve such as lectures, course materials, group discussions, etc. At the end of an 8-week MBSR course, many of my students express surprise at how much they experienced and learned—much more than anticipated. But what exactly are you in…

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6 Ways to Develop Community in Online MBSR Classes

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By Dave Potter

“The data show that relationships may matter more than technique and suggest that meditating as part of a community or group would increase well-being.  So to increase effectiveness, meditation or mindfulness apps could consider expanding ways that members or users can interact with each other.”

- Corrie Pikul-Brown, in Mindfulness Benefits Hinge on Who’s Aroundwriting about Willoughby Britton’s study of mindfulness training 

Restrictions brought on by COVID-19 inspired m…

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3 Ways How MBSR Can Take Us From Coping to Thriving

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By Ted Meissner

As I write this article, many of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teachers for Mindful Leader are reviewing applications to our upcoming courses, and having one-on-one conversations with those who are interested in mindfulness. What brings people to MBSR varies, but one aspect is fairly common: the usual coping mechanisms may not be helping as much as they used to.

For some it may be simple curiosity about the gold standard …

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5 Tips To Keep Your Meditation Practice Going After MBSR

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By Karyn Sandelman

This really IS the question… whether you recently completed an MBSR course or other mindfulness program, how do you keep up the momentum of a steady practice without the structure and support of the program and the people who were in it with you? And, you might wonder, do you really have to? 

Research tells us the answer to the latter question is yes! Consistency of practice is key to reaping and growing the benefits of mindfulness. Y…

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How Do You See Your World? A Glimpse into Mindful Awareness

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By Cassie Schindler 

Your unique perspective, or the lens through which you view your life, influences your current state of mind and overall experience of balance and wellness.

So, how do you see your world?

We humans are creatures of habit. We automate in order to be the most efficient version of ourselves, and in doing so, we inadvertently paint our moments with the same brush. History repeats itself, over and over, and we often miss the big picture…

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How Much Does MBSR Cost?


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By the Mindful Leader Team

People interested in mindfulness and stress reduction have many options to begin or supplement their practice. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a long-standing, evidence-based program with lasting benefits, which makes it an attractive option. But how much does MBSR cost? Short answer: a Live and Online MBSR course can be a minimum of $300, but there are other options.

The least expensive and committal way to exp…

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Can MBSR be Effective Addiction Treatment?

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By the Mindful Leader Team

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is well supported as an option to increase mental well-being and health-related quality of life. Since the 1980s, encouraging studies have consistently shown MBSR to help both healthy people and those with various chronic diseases. One new but promising area of study is the impact of MBSR and similar interventions on people struggling with addiction. Typically, people addicted to substa…

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Being Mindful, Not Just Reading About It

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By Patrick Briody

I was on the checkout line at Whole Foods the other day and noticed the magazine rack had several publications that were devoted to mindfulness. Each month, the covers would be telling me the key to happiness is some virtuous quality - maybe “patience” or “gratitude.” No doubt there’s wisdom in that, but I couldn’t help wondering how effective these articles are for people. In my MBSR classes, I often find the discoveries for participan…

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How MBSR Taught Me to Become a Mindful Parent

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By Punita Jani-Thaker

What led me to MBSR?

Becoming a working parent! It was not only the most exciting moment but also the most daunting, juggling professional and personal lives with a good bit of travel thrown in for good measure. 

While there is no ‘manual’ or ‘instructions’ on how to raise a child while working full-time, I left the hospital anxious but excited for the journey ahead. Despite having read countless parent books, nothing could have p…

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