Can taking MBSR help with Workplace Burnout?

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By Peter Calin, guest contributor

An unprecedented phenomenon might be one way to describe the tsunami-like changes in the way we work now, compared to pre-COVID-19. COVID completely changed the work landscape. There was a seismic shift from working in offices to working from home remotely.  What had been an infrequent concession to employees became the norm, emerging from protocols to restrict the spread and lessen the exposure.  

The workforce emerged…

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What Should I Look for When Signing up for an MBSR Course?

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By the Mindful Leader Team

So you've made the decision to sign up for an MBSR class. Congratulations! Now it's time to decide where you would like to take your class. There are certified programs in most U.S. states and in over 30 countries as well as online programs, so there are many options for those looking to try a course.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose your class

1. Your MBSR course should consist of weekly group meetings (the…

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What Are the 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness?

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 By The Mindful Leader Team

Jon Kabat-Zinn is an author, a leader in the mindfulness community, and the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). A molecular biologist by education, Kabat-Zinn was introduced to the concept of meditation through Zen Buddhism, but applied the idea of focused attention to a secular paradigm. MBSR looks to use mindfulness as a regular practice to help people with stress reduction, awareness, and focus. The nine a…

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Kindfulness-Based Stress Reduction — KBSR?

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By Cassie Schindler, guest contributor

Right there, in the foreword of Jon-Kabat Zinn’s powerful book, Mindfulness for All; The Wisdom to Transform the World, he coins the word kindfulnessknowing that someone would pick it up, and expand, rather than exploit, its relevance. I hope to do that with this writing. 

If the name of the 8-week MBSR course began with the word kindfulness instead of mindfulness, would you register? Would you have a clear und…

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3 Questions that Strike the Vital Point of MBSR

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By Janet Solyntjes, guest contributor

Several days ago I received a list of common questions that potential MBSR participants have voiced to the staff at Mindful Leader.  In looking over the list I thought I would address one, but found that three questions, when combined, strike the heart of what we could call the MBSR experiential journey.  These questions represent the beginning, middle, and end of any journey one might take: the view, practice, and r…

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Autonomy, Competence, and Connection: The Backbone of MBSR

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By Anna Smyth, guest contributor

What exactly will I get out of an MBSR class? 

This is the most common question I hear from prospective students. While considering an MBSR course, you may have some assumptions about what a “class” might involve such as lectures, course materials, group discussions, etc. At the end of an 8-week MBSR course, many of my students express surprise at how much they experienced and learned—much more than anticipated. But what…

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6 Ways to Develop Community in Online MBSR Classes

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By Dave Potter, guest contributor

“The data show that relationships may matter more than technique and suggest that meditating as part of a community or group would increase well-being.  So to increase effectiveness, meditation or mindfulness apps could consider expanding ways that members or users can interact with each other.”

- Corrie Pikul-Brown, in Mindfulness Benefits Hinge on Who’s Aroundwriting about Willoughby Britton’s study of mindfulness training 

Restrictions brought on by …

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3 Ways How MBSR Can Take Us From Coping to Thriving

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By Ted Meissner, guest contributor

As I write this article, many of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teachers for Mindful Leader are reviewing applications to our upcoming courses, and having one-on-one conversations with those who are interested in mindfulness. What brings people to MBSR varies, but one aspect is fairly common: the usual coping mechanisms may not be helping as much as they used to.

For some it may be simple curiosity about…

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5 Tips To Keep Your Meditation Practice Going After MBSR

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By Karyn Sandelman, guest contributor

This really IS the question… whether you recently completed an MBSR course or other mindfulness program, how do you keep up the momentum of a steady practice without the structure and support of the program and the people who were in it with you? And, you might wonder, do you really have to? 

Research tells us the answer to the latter question is yes! Consistency of practice is key to reaping and growing the benefit…

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How Do You See Your World? A Glimpse into Mindful Awareness

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By Cassie Schindler, guest contributor

Your unique perspective, or the lens through which you view your life, influences your current state of mind and overall experience of balance and wellness.

So, how do you see your world?

We humans are creatures of habit. We automate in order to be the most efficient version of ourselves, and in doing so, we inadvertently paint our moments with the same brush. History repeats itself, over and over, and we often mi…

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