Creating a Culture of Mindfulness at Work

Insights from Internal Champions of Mindfulness Un-conference
By Mindful Leader & Garrison Institute



This report captures key questions & insights that arose during a weekend deep-dive retreat hosted by Mindful Leader and the Garrison Institute in August 2018. The participants were all internal champions of mindfulness within medium to large organizations (100+ employees). Our objective was to provide a forum where peers could share best practices & lessons learned, bond, and find a meaningful way to support the continued growth of Mindfulness in the workplace.

The contents of this report are raw & captured from the notes that participants presented during the retreat. The report is meant to offer insight into the challenges that employees are facing, whether they are running mature programs or trying to get programs into a sustainable state.

Snapshot of Organizations who Participated

Google • BuzzFeed • Aetna • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare • Humana • Novo Nordisk • Boeing • LVMH • Fidelity Investments • The United Nations • The World Bank • Goodwill • YMCA USA • Naropa University


  • Topic Area 1: Starting a Mindfulness Program at Work

  • Topic Area 2: Scaling a Mindfulness Program

  • Topic Area 3: The Relationship Between Mindfulness & Compassion

  • Topic Area 4: Change Management & Mindfulness

  • Topic Area 5: Metrics & Buy In

  • Topic Area 6: Qualification & Credentials Conversation

  • Topic Area 7: Diversity & Unconscious Bias

  • Shared Resources & Tools


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