Mindfulness @SAP: The Journey, Tactics, & Strategies Behind One of the World's Most Successful Mindfulness at Work Programs

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In this session, Peter Bostelmann provides an overview to how the company SAP has successfully implemented a Global Mindfulness Practice inside their organization. Currently, there are 6,500+ SAP employees who have completed the 2 day ‘Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’ mindfulness training program (since 2012), with a growing waitlist of 5,500+ employees excited to attend the training. He provides insights and guidelines for organizational initiatives to deliver mindfulness trainings, in-person and virtually. To design successful programs, Bostelmann suggests creative mindfulness practices, aligning with sponsorships, internal organizational allies, and exploring external collaborative partnerships. He shares how the mindfulness training program was successful by aligning with internal sponsors, managers, Chief Learning Officer, HR officers, shifting from discretionary learning budgets to dedicating funding for the mindfulness program, demonstrating the need/demand (via long wait lists of employees), and connecting with employees’ learning and development plans. The selection of mindfulness teachers is a critical part of program success, with teacher qualities of depth and lightness. He explains various metrics to measure in mindfulness training including decreased stress and absenteeism, increased leadership trust, focus, clarity, and creativity. Bostelmann explains how to use science and case study examples of increased performance, to provide the validation for mindfulness approaches in an organization.

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Peter Bostelmann is the Founder and Director of the Global Mindfulness Practice at SAP, the world’s largest provider of business software with over 345,000 customers and 90,000 employees. Under Peter’s leadership, mindfulness-based trainings, teacher trainings and efficient support structures for lasting impact have been piloted, refined, and they are being rolled out to all SAP employees around the globe since 2012. Peter is an Integral Coach and trained as an Industrial Engineer. He brings more than 20 years of international business experience as Consultant, Program Manager and Executive with SAP to his current efforts to bring mindfulness programs to scale globally at SAP and beyond.


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