Speaker - Charles Morris.pngSpeaker - Charles Morris
Director of Learning & Development

Charles is a learning & development leader and mindfulness pioneer at Microsoft. He is the creator of Mindful Growth, a 4-day program built for Microsoft and designed to combine mindfulness and growth mindset. The success of the program propelled Charles’ drastic career shift from engineering leadership into HR where he now leads employee learning & development aimed at accelerating Microsoft’s ongoing cultural transformation. Charles holds a Master’s degree in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University, where he recently completed research studying the effects of biofeedback devices on new meditators.

Charles’ passion for inner exploration and personal transformation reaches well beyond his professional and academic life. His search led to deep study and practice in Tibetan Buddhist lineages for over 15 years, including completion of several long retreats. More recently he has developed an avid interest in Jungian psychology, dream work, archetypes and myth.

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