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Workplace Mindfulness Summit Package

Boost resilience and foster mental well-being with workplace mindfulness. Discover best practices you can apply now with 24 case studies across industries and 11 sessions from experts.  Includes case studies from: YMCA, Humane Society, SAP, Google, Novartis, Microsoft, Aetna.  Learn More.

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7th Annual Mindful Leadership Summit

The largest gathering in the world dedicated to fostering mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. UPDATE:  In-person event canceled for 2020.  Online Summit is planned for Spring 2021 / In Person Summit planned for Thursday September 30 & Friday October 1st 2021 in Washington DC Area

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6th Annual Mindful Leadership Summit Video Plus

Replay the 2019 Mindful Leadership Summit and download or stream all 33 high-quality presentations.  This includes Video, Audio, Transcripts, and Slides.    Presentations include case studies, experts, and more.  Learn More.