Speaker - James Flaherty.jpgSpeaker - James Flaherty
New Ventures West

Endlessly curious about people and life, James Flaherty developed the Integral Coaching® methodology: an ongoing, evolving approach designed to meet clients in the fullness of their humanity. Integral Coaching combines recent discoveries in adult development, 20th century philosophy, biology and linguistics. It has been taught through New Ventures West, one of the world’s oldest and most respected coaching schools, since 1987.

In addition to designing and coaching and leadership programs around the world, James regularly coaches leaders at Fortune 500 companies and speaks at meetings and conferences. He is the author of the book Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others, which is widely recognized as a seminal text in the field of coach education. He is a Zen student, practices Yoga and Qigong, and is a voracious reader and music lover. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and has an adult daughter he adores.

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