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Peter Calin

Peter teaches to share the transformational physical, mental and emotional fitness, healing, health, wellness, and wellbeing benefits derived from mindfulness practice, as scientifically-evidenced by a plethora of ongoing research. Teaching for almost 10 years, Peter has privately counseled and coached individuals on ways to manage trauma, anxiety, and stress and find balance and more joy and happiness in their lives. His teaching is guided by an intuitive, inquisitive spirit and an evolving, embodied awareness that informs and guides him in knowing ways and helps him shine light where needed for students in their own direct experience and on their own transformative journey.  Peter's ongoing independent study and practice and inner awareness and knowing fuels his continuing evolution as a teacher and embodiment as a practitioner. Attendant to this pursuit, as an MBSR teacher, Peter has taught over a dozen MBSR training programs and workshops, in the past three years.

Peter also:

  • Is an Ivy-League educated attorney and MBA graduate; 

  • Holds an LLM degree in Intercultural Human Rights; 

  • Is a former Fortune 100 corporate executive, intercollegiate athlete, triathlete, and Aikido and Tai Chi practitioner;

  • Is a certified yoga and pilates instructor; and,

  • Has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and speaks three languages fluently, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

All of these life moments/experiences and those of family - as a husband, father, grandfather - inform the mindful work Peter shares with students/clients.

  • Teacher certification level: Level 2 (Authorized)
  • Previous class feedback score: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Years of experience: 3
  • Training from: UCSD

Listen to a meditation from Peter: 

  • Mindful Leader

    “Being a mindful practitioner and educator already I was not certain the learning would exist for me personally. This course brought me into a new realm of practice, this course deepens mindfulness and increases awareness of many of the layers, even when already a teacher of mindfulness. Thank you for deepening my practice not only personally but professionally.”

    Founder, Creative Behavior Systems

  • Mindful Leader

    “I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start or improve their meditation practice. Their life will improve without a doubt. Thank you to Peter and all of the people involved in creating this wonderful course.”