MBSR Teacher Training: MBSR Foundations 

Take the first step towards becoming a certified MBSR teacher. 10-Week Course taught Live & Online (Zoom) by certified MBSR teacher trainers. 
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Begin the journey to teach MBSR,
the Gold Standard in Mindfulness training

  • Take your practice and understanding of MBSR to a new advanced level with the help of a professional MBSR teacher trainer

  • Apply mindfulness with greater ability and confidence in your work 

  • Earn your MBSR Teacher Training - Foundations Course certificate of completion and digital badge
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We're offering the new standard in MBSR 10-Week Foundations Course

Deepen your understanding of MBSR through a rigorous course that combines learning the curriculum with a small teacher trainee cohort, while taking the MBSR 8-Week Course as a participant/observer. 

Our professional teacher trainers have decades of experience teaching MBSR and training trainers.  The MBSR training offered by Mindful Leader follows the MBSR standards of practice and captures the essence of MBSR while modernizing for today's needs.  The  curricula and training process is similar to the training and teacher pathway developed at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness where MBSR was founded.  

About The MBSR Foundations Program

  • Learn the MBSR pedagogy and approach
  • Explore of the foundational underpinnings of MBSR
  • Interactive & experiential learning in a small cohort
  • Course follows the official Mindful Leader MBSR teacher training path 

Foundations Program Prerequisites

  • Complete a live MBSR 8-Week Course
  • Attend one 5 to 7-day silent meditation and mindfulness retreat
  • A minimum of two years of personal meditation practice

Simple and Powerful Learning Methodology

MBSR syllabus, MBSR curriculum, and additional support materials for development

Zoom Video highly interactive instructor-led sessions

Access the program and training online from your laptop or tablet

 Expert Instruction 

  • Certified MBSR Teacher Trainers
  • Trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn's MBSR methodology
  • Decades of teaching experience

Live & Online

  • Participate fully in the MBSR 8-Week class and 10-Week Foundations course
  • Day-long at-home meditation retreat
  • Access live sessions anywhere with an internet connection

Course Materials

  • Guided instruction in teaching MBSR practices
  • MBSR syllabus and MBSR curriculum
  • Body scan, sitting meditation, and gentle mindful movement guided meditations

Teacher Training Curriculum at a Glance

10 Live & Online (Zoom) MBSR Foundations seminars with a small teacher trainee cohort.
Concurrent enrollment as a participant/observer in a MBSR 8- Week Course, including the at home retreat.
(Attendance is mandatory for orientation, all sessions of the MBSR and Foundations course, and retreat)


  • Foundations Opening Seminar


  • MBSR 8-Week Course Orientation 


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 1
  • Foundations - Seminar 1 


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 2
  • Foundations - Seminar 2


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 3
  • Foundations - Seminar 3


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 4
  • Foundations - Seminar 4


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 5
  • Foundations - Seminar 5


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 6
  • Foundations - Seminar 6


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - All-day retreat


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 7
  • Foundations - Seminar 7


  • MBSR 8-Week Course - Class 8
  • Foundations - Seminar 8

WEEK  11

  • Foundations Closing Seminar

Testimonials from Mindful Leader's MBSR Course

  • Mindful Leader

    “ I thought I had mindfulness/meditation down pretty well before this course. However, this course has brought my practices to new depths through explorations, collaborations, new resources and practices. I have said it in class and I'll say it again... this class has a "sneaky brilliance" in its format, progression and style. Bravo!”

    Pharmacist, Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Western Mass

  • Mindful Leader

    “I enjoyed learning about mindfulness from Mindful Leader. As a yoga teacher, I enjoyed learning new practices I could bring to my students. I also enjoyed actually practicing under another person’s guidance since I am so often the one guiding others. Being a student in the Mindful Leader program was incredibly enlightening.”

    Founder, The Yoga Teachers Attorney

  • Mindful Leader

    “This course is packed with excellent guidance and interactive group activities. I learned many effective skills that I can take back to the workforce. The online format was very effective, people opened up, discovered, learned and shared from the heart.”

    Financial Analyst, Mindfulness Lead, Battelle Energy Alliance, Idaho National Laboratory

  • Mindful Leader

    “This class was life changing for me. It will be something that altered how I go through my existence and perceive my world and others. I will continue to gain greater insights from the class long after it is over”

    Team Leader, Pfizer

Foundations class size is limited, allowing our instructors to work closely with MBSR teacher trainees

What's Included in Our MBSR Teacher Training

✔ 10 weeks of Foundations teacher training sessions with small (12 person max) cohort of trainees
✔ Includes enrollment in MBSR 8-Week Course (value $567)
✔ Day-long at-home retreat
✔ Two 1-on-1 sessions with a facilitator
✔ Guided meditations & course materials
✔ Small class instruction with an experienced MBSR teacher trainer
✔ Certificate of program completion & digital badge
✔ $50 non-refundable application fee included

Who Should Enroll in the Program? 

Mindfulness Teachers • Meditation Teachers • Psychotherapist • Wellness Professionals
Yoga Teachers • Coaches • Healthcare Professionals • Individual Mindfulness Practitioners
HR  Professionals • Leaders • Entrepreneurs • Internal Champions of Mindfulness 

Pricing: Flexible Payment Options

Choose from one of three flexible payment options for your MBSR teacher training program.

NOTE: The cost of the MBSR 8-Week Course ($597), two 1 on 1 sessions with your MBSR teacher trainer, and a $50 non-refundable application fee are included in the price.   

Select payment options during the checkout process



6 easy payments (total: $2274 USD)

Spread payments



3 easy payments (total: $2097 USD)

Standard price



1 payment (total: $2097 USD)

1 time payment, standard price

Incredible Value

Led by an expert certified MBSR teacher trainer, you will learn and be trained in the underpinnings of MBSR, the most scientifically researched and established mindfulness program. You'll participate in 10 Foundations seminars, 8 live MBSR Course sessions, a full day long retreat, and receive a certificate of completion, digital credentials, and course materials. This class is the first step on the Mindful Leader MBSR teacher training pathway.

Applications are currently closed for our January 2022 cohort. 
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To apply for Teacher Training you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Complete live MBSR 8-Week Course (self-paced online training courses don't qualify)
  • Attend one 5-7 day silent meditation retreat
  • A minimum of two years of personal meditation practice

Refund Policy:

With the limited capacity for each cohort, we ask you to apply only if you are committed to completing the course and honoring the course requirements. If you have a last-minute conflict simply email us five days before the training program starts for a 100% refund (minus the application fee). Once the online training has begun, there are no refunds.

If you have scheduling conflicts, sign up for MBSR Training Updates to be notified of upcoming courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course qualify me to transfer into another MBSR Instructor Certification training program?

This is the Mindful Leader MBSR 10-Week Foundations course, taught live & online by a certified MBSR teacher trainer. Our curriculum follows the MBSR Standards of Practice and has been informed by the original Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts MBSR curriculum. 

What can I do with my certificate of completion?

Your certificate of completion certificate and badge can be shared on LinkedIn, on your website, or printed out. We use the Open Badge 2.0 credentialing framework. Your digital credentials are verifiable through www.credential.net and do not expire. 

How much time is required to complete the course?

The program is ten weeks long, meeting live online once a week for about 2 1/2 hours per MBSR course session and 3 1/2 hours for each Foundations session, with a day-long retreat. 

If you're considering registering for the program, please ensure you are able to fully commit to this program, as the facilitator and your fellow participants in both courses are helped by your presence and dedication for the ten weeks of the program.

What are participants required to complete?

  • Attend all online live sessions, including the orientation and day-long silent meditation retreat.
  • Practice formal meditation for a minimum of 45 minutes, six days per week during the program using the guided audio meditations provided, as well as any other informal home assignments.
  • Complete all Foundations assignments and trainings.
  • Actively learn and participate in the live sessions, listen to the experiences of others taking the course, and share from your own experiences, to enhance your personal development.

How much work is required outside of the weekly live sessions?

There is a minimum of 45 minutes to over an hour of formal and informal home practice every day during the eight weeks of the MBSR course. In addition to the Foundations seminar, there are extra readings and reflections that may require 5-6 hours per week.

What is MBSR?

MBSR is a course developed by Jon Kabat­-Zinn, PhD. It features sitting meditation, walking meditation, eating meditation, gentle movement, body scan, and informal, everyday practices. You can learn more about the MBSR program here.

Is prior meditation or mindfulness training required?

Yes , to participate in the teacher training development program you must have: 

  • Completed a live instructor-led MBSR 8-Week Course 
  • Attend 5-7-day residential meditation retreat
  • A minimum of two years of personal meditation practice

What will this course offer for students who already have other meditation or mindfulness experience?

This is the beginning of the MBSR teacher training path. Completing the full path past this class will certify you to teach the official MBSR class. This program is experiential. Seminars will include reflection and investigation of our lived experiences and provide for a deepening of one's own experience.

What should I do if I need to miss a live session?

Consider taking the course at a later time. Your presence in all sessions is important since each one will help you to further learn and prepare yourself for the process of becoming a MBSR teacher. It may happen that circumstances create unplanned absences on top of planned missed sessions, so if you already know of conflicts, you would be welcome to apply for the online course at a later date.

Please verify your availability for all the training session dates and times, and that you will not have conflicts like dependent care, work, vacation over holidays, or other commitments you've already made prior to applying for this teacher training course!

When will this course be offered again?

This course will be offered again in the near future. You can sign up for our email list to receive notifications about when our next online MBSR Teacher Training program will be offered.

What happens if my application is not accepted?

If we are not able to accept your program application at this time, we will refund you everything but the non-refundable application fee. We encourage you to apply for the teacher training program again in the future. 

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied? Even after the course starts?

With the limited capacity for this training course, we ask you to apply only if you are committed to taking the course and honoring the course requirements. If you have a last-minute conflict simply email us five days before the course starts for a full refund (minus the application fee). Afterward, there are no refunds.

What is the MBSR Level 1 Teacher pathway?

To be considered a Level 1 (qualified) instructor you must complete: Foundations, offer 2-3 short MBSR-based workshops, an additional qualifying silent retreat, and the Teacher Advancement Intensive. 

Where can I continue my MBSR training?

You can continue your MBSR training with Mindful Leader or with organizations that are part of Mindful Leader's Training alliance.

How do I transfer to another teacher training program?

To transfer to another teacher training program, fill out their application. Generally, their application will ask you to list MBSR classes you've taken as a participant, qualifying retreats you've participated in, and the qualifying teacher training you've done so far. To list us, please include the dates you took Foundations, Mindful Leader's name, and your instructor's name. They will likely also ask about other qualifications you have and why you would like to be an instructor.

What will I receive once I've completed this course?

You will receive a certificate of completion for the course and a digital badge. You will also be able to transfer into any teacher training that is part of Mindful Leader's Training alliance.

Can I start teaching MBSR when I complete this course?

No. This course is the beginning of the teacher training pathway, but with its completion, you are not yet qualified to teach an MBSR class. Successfully completing the full level 1 requirements of the teacher training path will qualify you to teach. 

Are there scholarships available?

We offer a limited number of need-based BIPOC scholarships. Please contact us to learn more.

What materials do I need before this course begins?

More details will be provided at program launch.

Who authorizes you to teach this class?

Mindful Leader is an accredited training provider through the International Accreditors of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and adheres to the international ANSI Standard for Continuing Education and Training. Your credentials will be managed by us. In addition, certifications are managed on Accredible, the world's leading digital credential platform, following the Open Badges 2.0 framework.


Final Note

MBSR is the most tested and tried secular mindfulness program available. With the explosion in popularity the of mindfulness and the lack of set standards, it's hard to know what programs to take. It can also be hard to know where a teacher was trained or trust the program. With our focus on providing safe, reputable, deep explorations into mindfulness, we believe in the extensive training MBSR instructors go through to learn and follow the standards set forth by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD at the University of Massachusetts.