Volunteering with Meditate Together

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Join a compassionate group of like minded volunteers united in providing a free and open space for meditation and reflection.

Thanks for checking out volunteer opportunities for Meditate Together!  We started this project in early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to help create online spaces to meditate in community. The response has been so powerful from volunteers and participants alike we expanded to offering sessions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with the plan to continue the program for as long as we can. Our aspiration is to show the power of a united community, where individually we all contribute a little bit, and collectively we can help foster global mental well-being by creating communal online meditation spaces. 

What makes Meditate Together work?... You! The success of Meditate Together is directly linked to the incredible volunteers we have. Many volunteers first start as participants and then feel a call to serve, others have various levels of depth meditating and believe in the power of community, compassion, and practice. Overall it's the heart and generosity of our volunteers that make Meditate Together a special space. 

What we are asking of volunteers

We understand the many challenges that we all face in our daily lives, competing commitments, and uncertainty in this hectic world. Even still, finding a little space to offer your support to the community can be very fulfilling, helping cultivate your ability to hold space online, and adding a dimension of service to others in your practice. 

As a volunteer, the minimum requirements are: 

  • Facilitate one 30-minute Meditate Together Session weekly on the same day for 3 months. This is approximately 12 30-minute sessions. You can swap sessions with other volunteers if conflicts arise. 
  • Attend monthly Meditate Together volunteer team meeting
  • Act as an on-call backup facilitator for approximately 5 days per month
  • Install Whatsapp and be responsive to all team communications

These are the minimum requirements,  if you like you can signup to lead more sessions per week, volunteer at different times, or volunteer longer than 3 months.

Our shared values

We are here to create an inclusive and safe space. We do not advocate any beliefs, religions, or meditation techniques. We are simply creating a space where people can meditate together and reflect. We do not guide meditations, though participants can choose to meditate in silence or listen to their favorite meditation. During the reflection time we do not coach, counsel or try to problem solve - whatever is shared is responded to with "thank you for sharing". We create an environment of mindful listening where people do not feel judged, and we do not respond in a positive, or negative way to what participants share.

How the volunteer application works

  1. Click the button below to complete and submit your application
  2. We will follow up to schedule a 15-minute interview over Zoom 
  3. You will receive a link to a brief orientation one-pager for you to watch prior to your interview
  4. If there is an immediate opportunity one of our volunteer leads will followup, if not you will be added to an email list sharing volunteer shift openings as they become available

Before you apply, we ask that you

  • Have intermediate experience facilitating with Zoom.
  • Participate in at least 3 Meditate Together sessions prior to volunteering as a facilitator. Sign up to participate at meditatetogether.com
  • Agree to give at least 2 weeks notice if you need to step away from your volunteer position

What does facilitating a session look like as a volunteer facilitator? What is expected of me if I am selected?

  • Facilitators will be clear in setting up the intention and expectations during each part of the session and keeping a good flow throughout
  • Facilitators will hold uninterrupted silence during the meditation portion of the session
  • Facilitators will be welcoming to newcomers and participants joining the group
  • Facilitators will NOT coach or judge any participant during the session
  • Facilitators will have high quality audio and video that is not distracting during the session