The Way of the Healthy Deviant Leader

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Master the renegade act of Healthy Deviance to be energized, radiant, and resilient in a culture where most people are burnt out and just getting by. Dive deeper into the 3 nonconformist competencies: amplified awareness, preemptive repair, and continuous growth & learning.


Lisa Pinto

It is about time we needed to hear that loud and clear! Be aware, take action and commit to continuous growth and learning.  I am in awe and have awakened.  I have initiated the daily free lunch time (30 mins) mindfulness program at the Region of Peel since 2012 and staff/participants feel super energized every time they attend.  Thank you for being my inspiration oh healthy Deviant ONE!

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Claire Rhode

Thank you for your comment, Lisa! We're glad to hear you found the talk engaging and useful. 

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