2021 State of Workplace Mindfulness Survey Report

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By the Mindful Leader Team

Completed by over 1,700 people, the 2021 State of Workplace Mindfulness Survey Report provides the most expansive and detailed examination of the state of mindfulness in the workplace ever conducted. The survey was conducted by Mindful Leader, which provides workplace mindfulness training, certification and events; Healthy Minds Innovations affiliated with the neuroscientific research institution the Center for Healthy Minds; and Mindful Communications, publishers of Mindful.org and Mindful Magazine.

Even before Covid-19, anxiety, stress and burnout have been on the rise in the workplace, with organizations across the globe instituting some sort of well-being or mindfulness program to address these employee and cultural concerns. Programs like this often focus on providing tools and supports for employees to manage their stress and emotional reactivity through the use of meditation. These can either be voluntarily led by passionate employees, or have an executive sponsor with support from HR.

Fifty-nine percent of those answering the survey said their colleagues’ participation in their organization’s mindfulness programs has increased since the onset of the COVID pandemic last spring. Eighty-two percent said their organization was maintaining its programs (28 percent) or increasing offerings (54 percent) this year.

Online courses were the most popular offerings provided by employers, followed by group meditation sessions, drop-in classes and meditation apps. Seventy-five percent of the programs were available to all employees, company-wide.

For further details, you can read the full report. If you have questions, contact Healthy Minds Innovations VP of Marketing, Jocelyn Harmon.

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