What is it like to Meditate across 24 hours?

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What is it like to meditate across 24 hours? Mindful Leader CEO Mo Edjlali is joined by Kim Jones, a member of the Meditate Together community, to discuss their experience at the 2022 24 hour Sit-a-thon that occurred on March 30th. The two of them were the only two people to participate in all 24 sessions, and they both came away with some interesting insights from the experience!

Over 600 participants joined the 2022 24 hour Sit-a-thon sessions and raised funds for UNICEF's fund for Ukrainian children. Thank you to the Meditate Together Community and to all who came and participated. If you were able to participate in the Sit-a-thon, or have ever done an extended mediation session, please comment and share your experience! 

Kim Jones and Mo Edjlali speaking about the 2022 Meditate Together Sit-a-thon.


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