Pushing Into Fear with Devotion & Purpose

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Happy New Year!

We want to kick 2019 off with this insightful session with Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, on pushing past discomfort and fear when setting new habits and goals.

He talks about how developing a system of control in our life can help us confront our fears and overcome them. Opening up our minds lends a hand in helping us push our discomforts to the side so that we can reach the reward of conquering them.

Leo leaves this session with a 30-day challenge to notice your discomforts and be mindful of them when creating new practices. 

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Leo Babauta is a simplicity blogger & author. He created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog with a million readers. He’s also a best-selling author, a husband, father of six children, and a vegan.

More about Leo: https://zenhabits.net/about/

We hope you enjoy! 

The Mindful Leader Team


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