"You guys are idiots"- the article that ENRAGED our fans

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By Mo Edjlali

Last week we posted an article that enraged folks on our Facebook page. It freaked out and offended our fairly civil audience. 

Generating responses like: (some messages are truncated)

- What a load of scam you are. Just wow
- This is the worst article I’ve ever read.
- Total BS.
- What?!!! OMG DELETE !!!! Your crap
- You guys are idiots
- Unfollow 
- Have you been hacked?

Some folks were curious and a bit more kind: 

- Curious why this was posted without comment Mindful Leader
- This is extreme and doesn’t align with other articles you post. Perhaps you are sharing as insight, which it indeed gives. If so, I encourage you to indicate so in the post intro.

And then there was this lovely long 9 point post responding to the responses: 

1. They haven’t been hacked.
2. This is a worthwhile article to read as it presents an opposing viewpoint of mindfulness in schools.
3. Just bc the article has a different opinion doesn’t mean you should shame Mindful Leader for posting it or automatically unfollow.
4. ACLW filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Christian school that wanted Buddhist-based mindfulness out of schools.
5. There are many religious folks that don’t want religious-based teachings in public schools: ie “Hindu Yoga”, Pagan Halloween celebrations (no devil costumes at school), “Judeo-Christian Christmas songs (No more Merry Christmas, it’s “Seasons Greetings” now). I’m not surprised that someone objects to any potential Buddhist leanings.
6. There is a variety of religions that see mindfulness, meditation, contemplative practices differently. I know the research on how effective it is in school, yet I respect that someone has very devout opposing religious views. I find it interesting.
7. The quote saying meditation is potentially dangerous is a book excerpt. People with mental health issues, psychosis, hallucinations, need to be cautioned before attempting meditation. So that excerpt was used out of context.
8. This is a great article. I haven’t seen any pushback like this in my experience so far so I like knowing about a variety of views. Thanks for posting.
9. I am a practicing Buddhist and certified mindfulness teacher. Know your constituents and be compassionate if they have cultural objections. I do Not take it personally.

What's all the fuss about? Here is the article that stirred up our Facebook fans:

"The Deception of Buddhist-Based Mindfulness in Our Schools and the Dangers It Poses" 

We updated the post as suggested to include: "NOTE FROM MINDFUL LEADER: This is NOT our opinion but we believe important for you to know. We believe in engaging respectfully with those we disagree with.

We've learned. Going forward we will include a comment when we share articles like this. But wow, I'm glad this happened. This error provided insight into how some in our audience can go from calm to ready to torch us. The mixture of panic, insults, rage, and disbelief was frightening. That wonderful 9 point post showing understanding in the midst of the madness was awe inspiring.   

Beautiful. Thank you, Facebook.   

- Mo Edjlali

If you want to see the actual post and responses you can check it out on our FB page - https://www.facebook.com/mindfulleader.org



Dear Mo, your openness about the error committed by not including a disclaimer and explanatory statement as an intro to the article you posted from the "American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) is commendable.  One still can wonder how there could be any positive rationale behind posting such a "learning viewpoint" from a source that is well-known for its hyper-advocacy of certain political, social and cultural agenda that could not be more at odds with the open, searching spirit, and scientific underpinning, of mindfulness practices as you and the Mindful Leader support.  Didn't the repeated and obvious "cherrypicking" and distortion of citations taken out of context in this ACLJ article disqualify it as a piece meaningful observations to share with all of us? 

My thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this.  Dana

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Mo Edjlali

Dear Neil, thanks for your comment.    I believe its important to explore multiple voices and multiple viewpoints.   The hope was to create some conversation and expand perspective.    - Mo 

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Yvonne Evans

People can be narrow-minded and dogmatic no matter which side of the coin they are on. Do I personally like the effects of mindfulness,? Yes. Do I know people where mindfulness does not work for them? Yes. So what? Live and let live. 

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