How Managers Can Beat the Summer Slump

BL00 - Summer Slump

By Karlyn McKell, guest contributor

Creating a culture of mindfulness at work is essential to connecting with your team. As a manager, keeping track of how different times of the year can impact happiness and productivity is one good way to stay on the same page as your team members. 

Five percent of the population will experience seasonal affective disorder, and doctors are still trying to figure out the cause. While typically thought of as a wintertime ailment caused by too much time spent indoors, SAD can also hit during summertime. Despite the sunshine, longer days, and warmer nights, many employees actually report experiencing SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during summer. 

This phenomenon, mixed in with vacation days and a slower sales season, results in the “summer slump” that hits businesses across the country from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 1 in 4 employees reports feeling less productive from June to September and 53% report feeling distracted. 

In order to keep morale high during summer, managers should take active steps to address the summer slump and help prevent it. Being mindful about the phenomenon, what causes it, and ways to prevent it will help keep your office in high spirits as summer lingers on. 

One great practice to adopt this time of year if you aren’t doing so already is a daily meditation. This can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Setting aside time for your team to have quiet reflection will improve focus in your office, while also relieving stress and anxiety. For more ways to beat the summer slump in your office this summer, check out this infographic from Fundera

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