How to Make Your Commute Time Self Care Time

BL00 - Is Your Daily Commute Contributing to Your Mental Block at Work

By Tia Philipart, guest contributor 

There are plenty of workers who are guilty of taking work home with them. Not only are they finishing projects up at home, but they are ruminating about their work during their drives to and from the office when they are least capable of physically completing their work. The frustration of overthinking work tasks is detrimental to these commuters’ mental health. It might not be obvious at first, but ruminating upon work thoughts leads to an unsuccessful workday. If you are guilty of taking work on the road, you could be directing yourself turn burnout or mental block. Instead of these valueless commute practices, try some of the methods we recommend that will set you up for success heading into the office. See our guide to five self care commute habits below!

Method 1: Repeat Your Goals Out Loud 

Instead of consistently thinking about work when you do not have the capability to get tasks done — try repeating goals about your personal life out loud to yourself! Repeating your goals out loud has scientifically been proven to increase your chances of reaching them.

Here are some ideas for goals you can speak out loud to yourself:

  1. Working out
  2. Milestones for a passion project
  3. Reading a new book
  4. Trying a new language
  5. Developing a healthier diet
  6. Getting more hours of sleep 

Method 2: Practice Driving Meditations 

Practicing a presentation repeatedly leads to mental block during your presentation. Creating a calm headspace will relieve any stress that you might have going into your presentation. To create a calm mindset, listen to driving meditations that can be found online or through popular meditation apps. 

Method 3: Call Family and Friends Instead of Answering Work Calls

Picking up work calls on your way to work is not always necessary. Messages may seem urgent when really they can wait until you are settled into the office. To increase endorphins rather than rid of them, call up a loving family member or wonderful friend! 

Method 4: Speak Out Loud Positive Mantras 

Entering the office with thoughts about unresolved work issues is exhausting and doesn’t solve anything! When you catch yourself in the car thinking about work issues, move your self to repeat positive mantras such as:

  1. I will conquer today.
  2. I am talented
  3. I believe in myself.
  4. I am grateful for the people in my life.
  5. I have everything I need to accomplish today.

Method 5: Tune Into Entertaining Podcasts or Audiobooks 

Consuming the latest industry updates about work can be saved for work time rather than your time to relax. There are amazing podcasts that are very productive while also not repeating everything about your job. Please see our recommendations below: 

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Greater Good
  • The Thrive Global Project
  • The Knowledge Project
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Implementing these fruitful commute practices will feel incredibly refreshing. You’ll notice the effects as soon as you enter your workplace. For a recap of the five methods, check out the infographic below.

Tia Philippart is a content marketing specialist for clients in industries of travel, business, and lifestyle. She enjoys making relevant and shareable content that enriches readers.

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