The Benefits of a Mindful and Productive Lunch

BL00 - Productive Lunch

By Sarah Hollenbeck, guest contributor

Bringing mindfulness into your work life has been proven to increase productivity, decrease anxiety and create an overall more relaxed atmosphere for everyone. But with more and more people taking a working lunch, the ability to completely decompress and come back to work feeling refreshed is dwindling.  

While there seems to be an idea that skipping out on lunch can help you get ahead in your career and get more done, studies have shown that is not the truth. Taking regular lunch breaks can actually increase productivity and problem solving abilities. Take your full hour for lunch, mindfully savor your food, and then if you would like to you can use the rest of your time to check out the podcasts, TED Talks and documentaries perfect for those in a variety of industries in the infographic below:

BL00 Productive Lunch Breaks.png

Sarah Hollenbeck is a senior content marketing specialist for Siege Media.


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