How a Small Non-Profit Brought Mindfulness to Schools in Mexico

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Daniela Labra Cardero at the 2018 @Work Summit. Mexico has integrated social emotional learning as a mainstream topic from preK to K12. How a small non-profit came to develop a nation-wide curriculum that integrates contemplative training as a means to cultivate core skills, like attention, empathy or emotional regulation, training the teachers and elaborating the materials for children and teens, the challenges and opportunities of this path, are the topics of this talk.

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Thank you Daniela, for all the work you and your team are doing in Mexico's education system. The social emotional piece is such an integral aspect of healthy human functioning. Your work is truly inspiring.

I would like to take a look at the open-source page you mentioned for the Build Yourself program, but was unable to find it on the Ministry for Education website. Are you able to share the link here please?

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