Capital L Love: A Higher Level of Consciousness in Leadership

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By John J. Murphy, Guest Contributor

In the book Miracle Minded Manager, I illustrate the concept of “Capital L Love,” a completely different perspective on love than the common ego interpretation. To begin with, capital L Love is unconditional. It is not a feeling we fall in and out of, as the ego understands it, or an attachment to someone or something external to us. Capital L Love is timeless, limitless, and eternal. It is all-encompassing. It is the very essence of life itself. It is a form of energy, the highest form of energy, the most precious gift we are given as human beings to give away. And the more we give of this Love, the more we have to give. There is no shortage of Love.

When we as leaders and influencers understand and apply the power of capital L Love, we empower ourselves and inspire the people around us. Essentially, we get out of our own way. We lighten our load by letting go of anything weighing us down, and we align with the life force of Source Energy (Love) flowing to and through us. This results in profound experiences of peak productivity, optimal creativity, and seemingly effortless manifestation – what some might call miracles. When we are in flow with capital L Love, we feel forgiven and free. We hold no grudges or regrets. No shame or guilt or grief. No bitterness, anger, or jealousy. We are caring and compassionate, trusting, and trustworthy. We seek and find win-win resolutions – without fear, doubt, skepticism, or disbelief – leaving every place we go better than we found it. 

Capital L love infuses us with a knowingness that everything is going to be okay. It gives leaders the authentic confidence and courage to do the right thing, to care about people at a soulful level, and to see the innocence that often lies hidden beneath our ignorance and mistakes. Capital L Love does not divide and conquer, which the ego would have us think. It pulls people together around common interests and resolutions. It unites us. It feeds us with internal passion and fuels us with inspiration that no external carrot or stick can compare to. When a leader is in harmony – in flow – with capital L love, life is exciting. Team members feel eager and enthusiastic – ready to tackle anything. Alignment with Capital L Love makes us feel alive!

In past articles, I have shared some intriguing insights from the work of David Hawkins, MD, PhD. Dr. Hawkins developed a tool called The Map of Consciousness which details 17 different stages of consciousness and their energy “calibration values.” These different stages of consciousness are like songs, each with its own distinct frequency. Notice that every song has a measurable “vibe” to it. While some people resonate with one particular song or sound because it aligns with their energy value, others prefer something different. We do the same thing with one another. Why? Because our “vibes” are different. When it comes to energetic frequencies, like vibrations attract like vibrations. We attract what we are calling for – vibrationally. We reap what we sow. Knowing this, we can determine and verify what seeds we are sowing in life (often hidden) by examining what we are reaping and experiencing. And we can call for higher a higher level of team consciousness by elevating our own. 

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” 
– dalai lama 

John J. Murphy is an award-winning author and the Founder (1988) and CEO of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in transformational culture change, mindful leadership, Operational Excellence, and high-performance teamwork. Visit his website for more information.


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