3 Tips to Support Your Mental Health during Tumultuous Times

BL00 - 3 tips to support your mental health during tumultuous times

By The Mindful Leader Team

As the tragedies between Israel and Palestine unfold right before our eyes, there's this collective emotion, this palpable anguish, and a quest for clarity that's proving difficult for many. The weight of it all can press on our mental landscapes. Let's walk through some insights on how to sail these choppy waters, underlining the need for genuine emotional resonance, wise media habits, and the unparalleled strength found in patience and giving things some room.

1. Embrace the Storm: Anger, Rage, and Sorrow

Here's the thing about emotions: they're real, raw, and rooted deep within our psyche, influenced by our past, principles, and present situations. When we feel anger or sorrow, it's not about agreeing with what's causing it, it's about acknowledging its presence without that harsh self-judgment. Think of emotions as waves – sometimes calm, sometimes raging, but always passing. And here's the silver lining - in sharing these emotions, we often find ourselves echoed by others, building bridges of mutual understanding.

Let's call it for what it is: "I'm angry", "I'm hurting". Pinpointing emotions without judgment can be the first step in healing. This isn't about bottling things up; it's about knowing oneself, leaning into our emotions, and through that vulnerability, fostering genuine connections.

2. News Without the Emotional Whiplash

With tensions running high globally, finding a balance between staying updated and maintaining our mental sanctum becomes, frankly, a bit of a tightrope act. The ceaseless wave of biased content, especially concerning heart-rending events, takes a toll. How about this? Designate specific "news hours", and dodge those real-time pings. Choose your sources wisely, going for ones that offer depth over drama. The goal? Be informed, but not inundated.

Take a beat. Before letting a piece of news or a fiery tweet under your skin, gauge its origin, its purpose, and how it makes you feel. Resist the siren call of online brawls, which often leave you more drained than enlightened. It’s about quality, not quantity. Take in information, but don't let it consume you.

3. Patience, Space, and the Mirage of Instant Solutions

With the world seemingly in perpetual chaos, it's no surprise that emotions are running high and the desire for instant answers intensifies. But wars and conflicts, they're intricate, and seldom do they fit neat solutions. Top minds in mindfulness and psychology urge us to resist the instant ‘fix-it’ approach, leaning instead into the beauty of patience. Real solutions, understanding, and healing? They're marathons, not sprints.

As we brave these times, it's vital to respect everyone's unique coping mechanisms. Before jumping to conclusions or pushing our well-meant advice, let's just be there—supportive and patient. Realizing that healing dances to its own rhythm and that sometimes all one needs is a listening ear or just some quiet space.

Final Thoughts

Our inner world is deeply intertwined with the external chaos, and understanding this connection can be the first step towards managing our responses. Embracing genuine emotions paves the way for personal growth and sets the stage for others to do likewise. Mindful consumption keeps us informed, not inflamed. And by honoring time, patience, and space, we lay down the foundations for healing and understanding. It's these thoughtful steps that can lead us towards more understanding and a hopeful dawn.


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Thank you as this was needed and at a great time

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